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Sovereignty and Adultery: The Bathsheba Factor

Tweet In the midst of the unfolding of my story, I feel I need to pause and consider this topic: God’s sovereignty. I am a believer in God’s sovereignty. I’m not sure where I stand now, as I am confused theologically, but when I was a pastor, I was a strong five-point Calvinist. After my fall, I had lunch with… Read more »

Online Info About Fallen Pastors

Tweet There’s just not a lot of help out there for fallen pastors. There’s some interesting stories. Like this Christianity Today article where one church’s struggle with an adulterous pastor is mentioned. However, it deals with how a church is supposed to handle the consequences. It really paints the fallen pastor as someone who gets left by the wayside. I… Read more »

The Fallen Pastor

Tweet Several months ago, I was caught. I had a marriage of over ten years with two children, a church in which I served nine years. However, I found myself looking outside my marriage for satisfaction for several reasons. I found myself dissatisfied with my church and ministry. I offer to you no excuses for what I did. I bear… Read more »