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Reconciling With A Fallen Pastor, Part 1: Before Your Pastor Falls

Tweet I was perusing my Google statistics the other day and was examining what people were searching for. It interested me and shamed me at the same time. “How to minister to a fallen pastor” “Reconciling with a fallen pastor” “After a pastor falls, how do you forgive him” “What to say to a fallen pastor” I’ve been writing this… Read more »

Margaret: A Friend Late In Life

Tweet Cynthia and I went to a funeral today of a sweet woman whom we knew for only eight months. Her name was Margaret. She was a member of the church we joined while we were waiting for my divorce to go final right before we were married. It was the church where my pastor friend Kyle worked. Her and… Read more »

The New Guy

fallenpastor   January 28, 2011   2 Comments on The New Guy

Tweet I got a call the other day from a pastor friend of mine who told me that Angel Falls has finally called a new pastor. Almost a year and a half after my fall, they’ve finally filled the pulpit. He gave me the details and told me the guy had some pastoral experience and came from a local church… Read more »