Monthly Archives: September 2011

The Shift: Time For A Change

Tweet I have not blogged in a while. Sorry for that. I’ll get to my point in a minute. I’ve been editing my book after my publisher sent my manuscript back. I figured something out. I don’t get to the point quick enough. I’m very bad at dancing around the issue. I’ve spent two years apologizing for my sin. Yeah,… Read more »

Is Forgiveness For The Remarried Wishful Thinking?

Tweet There’s a question that keeps bombarding me from time to time. Usually, it’s shrouded in some level of judgmentalism, but sometimes, and surprisingly, it comes with an honest heart that seeks an answer. How can anyone who has committed adultery and left their spouse to marry another ever be forgiven by God? The fact that they are now married… Read more »

My Pastor Sinned, What Do I Do?

Tweet What should a church member do when a pastor’s sin is uncovered? The pastor’s sin could be anything ranging from adultery to embezzling. I’ve put together a few quick questions someone should ask in reference to a pastor’s sin and their own struggle with the issues. 1. How will I and my family react long term and short term?… Read more »

Pastor as Elected Official

Tweet I’ve heard it said by many, but one fallen pastor I talked to said it best, “Churches just don’t shoot their wounded, they shoot them in the head.” First, this is not a post on church polity or how church government should be organized. I do keep getting sucked into this black hole of why churches and pastors never… Read more »