Monthly Archives: October 2011

The Christ Who Overshadows Failure

Tweet I’ve always had a nagging question in my mind after my fall. “Will the people of my former church remember any of the good I did for eight years or will it be overshadowed by my sin?” Last weekend, we heard of a former church member whose father died. The family no longer attends the church and we’ve run… Read more »

Mmmmm…Bacon. I Mean, Peanut Butter

Tweet Wrote a new article for Provoketive Magazine. Yeah, it’s about bacon and peanut butter. Heavy stuff. Excerpt: “Let’s face it, bacon makes just about everything taste better. I agree. But the bacon lovers need to slow their roll for a second. I believe there might be a contender for the title.” Check out the full text at Provoketive.

New Online Mag, New Opportunities

Tweet My friend Jonathan Brink has started a new online magazine, Provoketive, and it looks great. I’m honored to be able to contribute material from time to time. I’ve written something for it and would love for you to check it out and take a look at the online community of Provoketive. My article is called, “Consuming God.”

Unworthy, Unequipped, Just Perfect

Tweet Allison and I have been attending a church that has absolutely wrapped their arms around us and loved and accepted us unconditionally. Since my fall, we’ve had two churches love us like this and it has restored my faith. The pastor has let me preach and each time, the people have been so encouraging. I preached last week while… Read more »

Empathy and Compassion: Of Black Olives and Yellow Cards

Tweet I was just reviewing my day with my lovely wife, Allison, when I realized that I might have grown up a little in the past four years. But just a little. I was telling her about two events that were seemingly insignificant to anyone else in my regular day of sports medicine, but she said, “You showed compassion today,… Read more »