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Martin Luther Insult Generator

Tweet I must say, this page I stumbled across is a hoot.  It randomly brings up insults from the great reformer, Martin Luther. Hilarious.  If you’re Reformed, you’ll love it. If you’re a Luther fan, you’ll guffaw. If you don’t have a sense of humor, skip it. Here’s a sample insult: How is it, then, that you drivel like people… Read more »

“We Shall Be Free”

Tweet I’ve got a new post up over at Provoketive Magazine. It’s a little different. It’s about a song Garth Brooks wrote 20 years ago that says a lot to us today. The song is “We Shall Be Free” It tells us how much times have changed. Please take time to read it. And I’m recovering slowly and sorely from… Read more »

Is Your Heart Right? & “Is Whitney Houston in Heaven?”

Tweet I’m taking a short hiatus for a few days. I’m having a procedure done on my heart called an ablation. I’ve been having issues with my heart speeding up whenever it darn well pleases over the past ten years. It came to a head over a month ago when I ended up in the emergency room with a heart… Read more »

Worthy of Restoration: Now with Active Link

Tweet I wrote a guest blog for my friend Joy Wilson at her blog. Take time to check it out. Here’s an excerpt: After my fall, I knew that no one is above reproach. No one is beyond sin and anyone can fall. More importantly, all of us are within the grasp of grace, in need of restoration and the… Read more »

The American Church’s Sense of Entitlement

Tweet I’ve spent a lot of time interviewing fallen pastors and reflecting on my own thoughts after my fall. One of the themes that came after my own fall was this: “How could they have such harsh, unforgiving thoughts for me? I loved them, cared for them while they were in the hospital, performed their marriages, did the funerals for… Read more »

I Had the Dumbest Dream: Or Was it a Parable?

Tweet I had the dumbest dream last night. When I review it, I think it may have been a parable. I’m a huge fan of dreams. In the Old Testament, God revealed Himself to many in the form of dreams. He revealed His plans and His future for Israel. Today, I think our conscious minds are very busy during the… Read more »

Whitney Houston and Humanity’s Most Important Question

Tweet I put up a new article over at Provoketive Magazine: “Whitney Houston and Humanity’s Most Important Question.” It deals with the death of Whitney Houston and a question we all need to answer. Here’s an excerpt: I do know something about how fragile all of us are. I do know that we start somewhere simple. We can get placed… Read more »

The First Stone

fallenpastor   February 7, 2012   4 Comments on The First Stone

Tweet My new friend, Travis Mamone let me write a guest blog for him at his site, “The Boy with the Thorn in His Side.” I highly recommend his blog. He’s a very talented writer and does an excellent job. My blog post is about the first time I got to preach after I fell from ministry – two years… Read more »

How Our Personal Pronouns Expose Our Beliefs

Tweet I’ve got a new post up over at Provoketive Magazine: “How Our Personal Pronouns Expose Our Beliefs.” I usually give an excerpt. But let’s just say this post is a grammar nerd’s dream. It uses the Bible and grammar to let us know how we often give ourselves away with our use of the English language. My sister would… Read more »