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They Don’t Make Cars Like They Used To (Thank Goodness)

Tweet I’ve gotten hooked on a podcast recently, “Why You’re Wrong.” I listened to episode 25 entitled, “The Good Old’ Days.” They were making several points about how things are actually better now than they were back in the days of our youth. One of the things they discussed was cars. I’m not a car nut, but have long heard… Read more »

“Hey Wait! I’m the Samaritan!”

Tweet I’ve got a new post up over at Provoketive Magazine. I think it’s a fair rendering of the parable of the Good Samaritan. Please take time to read it. Here’s an excerpt: Therefore, for Jesus to put a Samaritan as the hero of the story was a stunner. It offended his largely Jewish audience. Especially when he asked the… Read more »

Is Repentance Possible For A Fallen Pastor?

Tweet This is a tough issue to approach, because a lot of people are going to disagree with it. So, let me start with the easy stuff. When a pastor falls from the ministry, due to adultery, embezzlement, alcoholism, or whatever, the immediate desired response is that he repent on the spot. Repentance, as we know it, is a turning… Read more »

SBCVoices and the Calvinist/Arminian Debate

Tweet My blog is linked to SBC Voices. I love that site. My blog gets a lot of hits from there and I appreciate it. I also must let you know that there is a terrible wallowing of opinion between Calvinist vs. Arminian voices over there. It’s kind of noisy. When I was in seminary at the flagship school of… Read more »

Pastoral Adultery Doesn’t Happen Overnight

Tweet “Our pastor committed adultery! How did this happen?” If I’ve heard this once since I fell from ministry, I’ve heard it a thousand times. When a pastor falls, it is a shocking thing to the church and community. People’s emotions range from shock then to anger in a matter of days. “How could he?” After the gossip wagon kicks… Read more »

Junior Seau and “The Easy Way Out”

Tweet Had an article posted up over at Provoketive Magazine recently. It’s called, “Junior Seau and ‘The Easy Way Out.” It was about tacky comments I heard made about the recent suicide of former NFL great Junior Seau. It delves deeper into insensitive remarks we tend to have engraved upon our minds about suicide in general. Hop over there and… Read more »

God Still Loves The Fallen Pastor

Tweet You ever have a conversation with God that you just know was real? I have. But only a few times. My friend, Joy Wilson, writes about this type of prayer in her book, “Uncensored Prayer: The Spiritual Practice of Wrestling with God.” Take time to check out her blog as well. I think if you give her a try… Read more »

God Is At Work Amongst Fallen Pastors: Are You Interested?

Tweet Over the past month or so, I’ve been contacted by several men who are pastors who fell from ministry. I get contacted a lot, so that’s no surprise. But each of them has had one clear thing in mind – doing something to reach out and help other fallen pastors. To find a way to get them together and… Read more »