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Pastors and Killer Expectations, Part 3: How to Cope

Tweet How can a pastor cope with killer expectations? He can’t. If you find yourself coping, you’re not doing it right. You need to go back and read the first two posts on this topic. Coping is getting by. It’s like using one oar to paddle a cruise liner through the Bermuda Triangle. It’s not going to happen if you… Read more »

Pastors and Killer Expectations, Part 2: Can They Be Juggled?

Tweet You’re a pastor. It’s finally your ‘day off.’ Another week of preaching, sermon prep, visitation, phone calls, crisis management, complaints wrapped in sugar coating, leadership meetings, and time of prayer behind you. A day to yourself. Maybe you’ll start by spending time with your family (after you make a few phone calls to church members who are recovering or… Read more »

Pastors & Killer Expectations: Where Do They Come From?

Tweet A 2001 Barna study shared the following information: “Church-goers expect their pastor to juggle an average of 16 major tasks. That’s a recipe for failure – nobody can handle the wide range of responsibilities that people expect pastors to master.” That was one of the most interesting statistics I found while doing research for my book, Fallen Pastor: Finding… Read more »

Fallen Pastor: Why My Book Is Nauseating

Tweet Since Fallen Pastor: Finding Restoration in a Broken World was released in January, I’ve had a lot of positive response. There have been a wide array of people who have read it and told me it has made them see forgiveness and restoration in a different light. That’s great. But there have been a few who have said, “I… Read more »