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“Don’t Run In God’s House”: Church Cliches, Pt. 3

Tweet I was driving around with my six-year-old step-daughter Leslie the other day. She likes to talk, a lot. She especially likes to make observations about everything she sees. We live in a  town that I usually describe this way: “In this town, you can throw a rock in the air and either hit a church or a Chinese restaurant.”… Read more »

“Lead, Guide, and Direct”: Church Cliches, Pt. 2

Tweet I’m doing this series on church cliches. This one’s about prayer. Last one was about sports. Hope you like. When I was but a young lad in the Southern Baptist Church, I used to go to the occasional prayer meeting instead of the youth activities. It seemed that every adult who prayed would always end the prayer with, “And… Read more »

Your Sports Team Is An Idol: Church Cliches, Pt. 1

Tweet It’s my favorite time of year. College football starts this week. Who cares if the major teams play a bunch of cupcakes? It’s football time! And I love my Razorbacks. I will do whatever I can to watch them every week. I’m starting a new series on my blog about the cliches we hear in church. Whether we hear… Read more »

Lance Armstrong: When To Cut A Hero Loose

Tweet Just  had an article published over at called, “Lance Armstrong: When To Cut A Hero Loose.” Here’s an excerpt: After their races are won, after they’ve scored touchdowns for us, after they’ve served in office, after they’ve preached – and then they get caught in a transgression, are they no longer our heroes once we’ve seen their dark side?… Read more »

Pastors Cannot Fix Themselves

Tweet I read an interesting article today about a fresco that was painted on a church wall in Spain that was over 100 years old. It had deteriorated very badly, so an 80 year old woman decided to take matters into her own hands and attempt to restore it. Problem was, she was an amateur artist. She messed it up… Read more »

Temptation, Lightning, and Seductive Sin

Tweet For those who don’t know, I’m a certified athletic trainer in my spare time. Actually, that was what I did before I was called to ministry. Then I became a bi-vocational minister. What does a certified athletic trainer do, you ask? Well, I’m not a personal trainer. Certified athletic trainers are the people you see on television during sporting… Read more »

How Come We’re So Darn Judgmental?

Tweet Really? What’s our deal? Jesus knew we were judgmental people. He even had to make sure it became part of the permanent record: “Judge not, that you not be judged.” (Matthew 7:1, ESV) Now, before you start up with discernment vs. judgment, let me give you my hillbilly definition of judgment vs. discernment. Let’s say you just heard Billy… Read more »

Taking A Pastor’s Fall Personally

Tweet I’m the kind of guy who takes things very personally. Some people are just wired that way. I like to act like things just roll off my back and I really don’t care but I’m pretty sensitive. I’ve gotten better since I started blogging about not taking things personally, which is a good thing for all of us to… Read more »

Commenting On Posts

Tweet Some of my old friends have let me know they have had trouble commenting on some of my awesome blog posts. Fear not, I think I’ve fixed it. Please let me know if I have or not, via Twitter, Facebook or coming to my house and telling me to my face. Thank you for your vigilance and reading my… Read more »

Chick-Fil-A and John Cena, Professional Wrestler

Tweet I’ve been ignoring this whole Chick-Fil-A thing online. The founder of the institution was interviewed and said he opposed marriage between same sex people. That was his opinion. Those who disagreed jumped on him and decided to boycott. The Christians decided to make 8/1 a day to support his business. You can read the story anywhere. Seriously. Anywhere. Online…. Read more »