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Hurting Pastors: I Know You’re Out There

Tweet Pastors. I know you’re out there. You’re hurting. I wrote a whole chapter on statistics of how pastors are in pain and need help. You can probably read it for free at Amazon at my book site at Fallen Pastor: Finding Restoration in a Fallen World. 80% of pastors and 84% of their spouses are discouraged and are dealing… Read more »

The Confused Community: The Wounded Church, Part 3

Tweet (This is part three of a series of who is effected by the fall of a pastor. It’s been three years since my own fall from ministry and hopefully since writing Fallen Pastor: Finding Restoration in a Broken World, talking to people who have hurt and been hurt, I have some hopeful advice.) When a pastor falls, a sort… Read more »

The Devastated Spouse: The Wounded Church, Part 2

Tweet In this series, I’m trying to address all of the people who are effected by the fall of a pastor. Not only that, I’m asking, what can everyone do in the wake of his fall? I get emails each week from many different people; pastors who just fell, wives whose husbands fell, churches whose pastors fell, etc. – and… Read more »

The Church As Mistress: The Wounded Church, Part 1

Tweet I got an email a few weeks ago from a friend of mine, Ben Simpson, who reminded me of the dangers of pastors loving their churches more than Christ. I suggest you go read his blog. He’s a great thinker and theologian and as a young man, has a lot to offer us in today’s world. He has a… Read more »

The Wounded Church: Understanding Those Involved

Tweet In this blog, and in my book, I have tried to outline the reasons pastors fall from their ministry and the need to reach out to them and restore them to Christ. At the same time, I’ve also written about how the pastor is responsible for his sin, but the church is responsible for his restoration back to Christ…. Read more »

5 Songs for the Fallen Pastor: I Have A Shelter

Tweet Over the last few posts, I’ve tried to share the turmoils of the fallen pastor through song. This is the final post in this series. I’ve shared this song before but it is always relevant. It is a reminder that no matter grow far we fall, how terribly we sin, how scared we are or how miserable we feel,… Read more »