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Are Most Pastors Nerds?

Tweet I’ve been thinking about this for a while. I had never considered it before until I was interviewing fallen pastors for my book. I wrote about it, but I hadn’t considered it until now. Here’s a passage from my book: “For many pastors, the place behind the pulpit is powerful. Before their ministry began, they were not seen as… Read more »

Charlie Brown vs. Everything Else

Tweet I’ve got a post up over at about good ol’ Charlie Brown. Here’s an excerpt: It’s the story of a boy who nothing goes right for. A boy who just wants simplicity and joy. Who wants a few friends, a dog and normal relationships. More than that, even when Christmas comes, he doesn’t pick out a giant Christmas… Read more »

A Parable For My 13-Year-Old Daughter

Tweet My oldest daughter, Abigail, has been asking a lot of questions. One of her most persistent questions has been, “So when can I text boys?” I really want to say, “Never, dear.” However, she is very, very persistent about the topic. She’s a sweetie and is obedient, but does know how to push a topic. When we say, “It’s… Read more »

Adultery: Why Do People Hate It So Much?

Tweet There are few sins in American culture that people despise as much as adultery. I was reading an interesting article on “Blame Affairs on Evolution of Sex Roles,” by Stephanie Coontz. In it, she addresses American’s view of adultery over the years and how strict it has become. She references two different surveys that I wish I had… Read more »

For The Sinning Pastors Out There

Tweet The title of this post is a little misleading. All pastors are sinners. I’m writing this for every pastor, but I’m not. Every pastor should read this, but I’ve got a serious message for a specific group of pastors. I get at least two emails a week from people whose lives have been changed because a pastor has committed… Read more »

“Sexting”: Are There Rules?

Tweet My last post was intended to be a standalone blog post about “sexting“, or when people send messages to one another via messaging tools (text, Facebok, Twitter, etc.) with a sexual nature. I had a lot of people view that post, but I also had a friend of the site email me with some great questions that I thought I… Read more »

“Sexting”: When It’s Okay

Tweet Seriously. This blog is biblically based. But it also has some warnings for everyone. I’m going to start with my own story. For those of you who don’t know, I fell in the ministry. I was a pastor of a church and I committed adultery. Afterwards, I wrote a book about it and interviewed pastors, experts, counselors, looking for… Read more »

5 Things To Do When You’re Emotionally Weak

Tweet I don’t feel like blogging right now. But it’s because I don’t feel like blogging that I am convinced that this topic needs to be covered while I feel like this. Do you ever feel like you’re on emotional “thin ice”? Any of us can be susceptible to anxiety, seasonal depression or just depression. I just have good ol’… Read more »

A Site For All Pastors

Tweet My friend Roy Yanke, has a lot of resources for pastors. Check out his latest blog post, “Who is looking for the lost shepherds?” He and I have a common bond and ministry. He is also part of PIR Ministries which I also encourage you to check out, especially if you are a fallen pastor. Roy needs your support… Read more »