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Adultery: Don’t Try This At Home

Tweet I love to talk to pastors who need help. I get about two emails a week from pastors who are in dire need of help. They have fallen or are about to fall. Most are drawn here because I’ve shared my own story of how I fell from ministry. For some reason when I blog about my personal story,… Read more »

Fallen Pastors Can Be Restored, Part 2

Tweet Whether you are an active minister, fallen pastor, church member, or church leader, I really encourage you to check out my series on the restoration of fallen pastors. It’s a summary of my own fall and God’s restoring grace. So please head on over to Provoketive Magazine and check it out. __________________ Ray Carroll is the author of “Fallen Pastor:… Read more »

Fallen Pastors Can Be Restored, Part 1

Tweet I’ve put up an article over at Provoketive Magazine: “Fallen Pastors Can Be Restored, Part 1.” It’s a story of my own journey back to restoration. I hope it offers hope to those who have fallen, insight to those who might have anger towards those who have sinned, and maybe understanding for all. This is one of the most… Read more »

Southern Baptists, Sanctity of Life, and Rape in India

Tweet Over the past few days, I’ve been monitoring the stories in India of the rape of women there. It is a horrible scene. Apparently for years, women have been raped and their crimes have been covered up by the police. One story states, “in India rape has long been depressingly common.” The story has gotten some attention stateside, but… Read more »

Doing God’s Job for Him: Getting Vengance on Those Who Sin

Tweet Over the past three years, I’ve seen a lot of anger. Some of it has been anger I’ve produced. Sometimes, I’ll be counseling a fallen pastor and see others angry at him for the moral failure he committed and lash out at him for months or years. I have images saved on my computer from Facebook from people who… Read more »

A Pastor’s Story That Has Haunted Me

Tweet While writing my book, I was interviewing a fallen pastor. He shared this with me: “I heard about a pastor who committed adultery in August then killed himself in December. I wondered, ‘Did anyone reach out to him? Did anyone love him? Did anyone seek to restore him?’ It brought back so many memories of when I wanted to… Read more »

Need a Specialized Speaker for Church?

Tweet God has blessed me greatly in the past few years through this blog. I’ve been able to minister to all kinds of people, network, make new friends, write a book, do interviews, and speak to many about the challenges that face pastors, the grace of God, and how churches can be aware of the issues around them. I’m almost… Read more »

A Renewed Call to Help

Tweet There is a crisis in our land and in our churches. I’m going to address several people and groups in this blog. Keep reading because you are surely listed here. Don’t give up before you get to how you can help. Pastors who are in need of help. The statistics show that about a third of pastors have already… Read more »