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What Can The SBC Do About All Her Adulterous Pastors?

Tweet I don’t ask this question lightly. And I do it with a heavy heart. I also do it as a lifetime Southern Baptist. I ask it as a fallen pastor who committed adultery while serving as a pastor three years ago. I ask it knowing the ins and outs of the largest protestant denomination in the United States. I… Read more »

Comment Section Fixed! Many Apologies!

Tweet I want to apologize to many of you. I have been using a program to filter out comments. But apparently, I was not using it correctly. Unfortunately, some of you have contacted me and I hadn’t read your cries for help until just now (which I just emailed you back) or you were unable to leave a comment. I… Read more »

What I Would Change About The Way I Pastored

Tweet It’s been almost five years since I fell from the ministry. I don’t spend a lot of free time these days thinking about my days asĀ  pastor. I have the occasional conversation with former church members in whom I can confide. When I do, it helps me see things from a different angle. Surely, the sin I committed, followed… Read more »

“I Survivived A Tornado In A Trailer”: The Stevie Joe Vaught Story

Tweet My blog typically focuses on stories about fallen pastors and how they can be helped. Overall, it’s theme is to point to the glory of God. Today, I’d like to start occasionally letting others share their stories of how God helped, rescued, or redeemed them. Today’s story is a unique one and it concerns a friend of mine. I… Read more »

Three Years Later From A Hitchcock World

Tweet Today marks three years of marriage for me and Allison. It’s been a fantastic three years. I won’t say that it’s always been easy. If you’ve read my blog, you know a little about what goes on around here. I’m beginning to think part of the problem is the town in which we live. Today, there was a story… Read more »

Words About Forgiveness From A Mormon Friend

Tweet I was working a basketball game last night for my sports medicine job. Before the game started, I was reading a book on my iPad with my Kindle app at the scorer’s table. A Mormon friend came and sat s between me and an old friend of mine who knows my story well (she does too). She saw me… Read more »

Finding Hope in a Cynical World

Tweet I remember my eight years as a pastor like it was yesterday. There were great moments – baptizing new Christians, serving communion, seeing members go out and share the gospel. But unfortunately, like many pastors, the negative is what sticks in my throat. The bickering. The complaining. The fighting over what matters least. People showing up in your office… Read more »

A Sinner’s Guide To Finding A Church

Tweet Whether you’re a Christian who was kicked out of church and is looking to return, an unchurched person looking for a place to worship, someone who is burned out on church and is looking for a “different kind of place, a fallen church leader, or just a new Christian with a rough past who wants a place of fellowship,… Read more »

“Question Everything”

Tweet I encourage you to take a few minutes and watch the book trailer below. It’s for a book called, “Question Everything”: A Fresh Way to Read the Best-Selling Book of All Time. It doesn’t need my endorsement because it has a ton of them from people you already know. But it definitely has it. It’s a great tool for… Read more »

Jesus Took My Scarlet Letter and Stomped On It

Tweet I remember the day I got my Scarlet Letter. You don’t need to know the details. There’s enough about it in my blog history or my book. For the first week or so, I thought about the fact that I had committed adultery. By the time I had gotten to the act of it, my heart had already hardened… Read more »