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Being Snooty And Smug

ReadabilityBeing Snooty And SmugI just got home from a busi­ness vaca­tion with Cyn­thia. We went to a big city for a con­ven­tion I had to attend. We spent a lot of time out shop­ping and hav­ing a good time. It’s been a while since I vis­ited a big city. This one is one of the largest...

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“You Aren’t Who They Say You Are,” Guest Blog

Posted by Ray Carroll | Posted in blog, guest blog | Posted on 02-04-2013


I had the pleasure of writing a guest blog for my friend Mark at his blog, “Here I Blog.” If you haven’t read his stuff, you’re missing out.

My post is entitled, “You Aren’t Who They Say You Are.”  It’s about how we perceive ourselves and how we perceive other’s perceptions of us. Make sense? Thanks to Mark for posting it. Head on over and take a look.

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