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What Can I Say To The Grieving?

Losing someone close to us is always a difficult thing. It’s especially tragic when death comes suddenly and without warning. All of us know people who have had to deal with personal loss and each of us has had to grieve as well. Sudden loss is no stranger to me. I lost both parents in separate...

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Cassandra Parkin,”Lighter Shades of Grey,” Part One

Posted by Ray Carroll | Posted in authors, interview, Provoketive Magazine | Posted on 10-04-2013


I did an interview with Cassandra Parkin, author of “Lighter Shades of Grey: A (very) Critical Reader’s Guide to ‘Fifty Shades of Grey.” The interview is up over at Provoketive Magazine. Whether you read Fifty Shades of Grey or not, this interview is interesting, fun and will give you some insight.

Part two should be up very soon.

Parkin is also an award willing writer and her ebooks on the “Grey” trilogy are very affordable over at Amazon.

Thanks for reading!

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