A One of a Kind Book for Churches

Does your church have a fire extinguisher? Of course it does. It probably has several. Does it have a first aid kit? It’s probably right there in the kitchen near the refrigerator. Why do we have emergency preparedness materials? In case we have an event occur. We don’t want to need them, but we feel better that we have them there.

Introducing the Fallen Pastor Crisis Manual: Help for All Those Affected by a Minister’s Fall. Available now on e-Book format at Amazon.com for $5.99, grab your copy today.

When a pastor falls, where can people turn for help? What if fallen leaders, church members, leaders, pastor’s families, and the women they were involved with had an “emergency kit” for quick reference? Now they do. The Fallen Pastor Crisis Manual is a place for anyone to start when the pain of moral failure hits the church. If you’re a fallen pastor or have been affected by the fall of a minister, you will find help in this e-Book.

Ray Carroll, founder of Fallen Pastor Ministries and author of “Fallen Pastor: Finding Restoration in a Broken World,” brings almost a decade of experience to the table in helping people cope with ministry failure. Each chapter is practical, easy to follow, and sheds light on the tragedy of moral failure in the pulpit while bringing the hope of Christ to everyone involved.

Chapters one and two are for the fallen pastor, the immediate crisis of the fall and his restoration. Chapters three and four are for the church and her leaders, dealing with the fall of the minister, helping the church heal, and moving into the future. Chapter five is for the family of the fallen pastor, his spouse, children, and extended family. Chapter six is for the woman who was involved with the fallen pastor, often referred to as the “other woman.” There is also a section on sexual harassment in that chapter. Chapter seven deals with prevention and how the pastor can make changes in his heart and also how the church can help their pastor. Chapter eight has over 20 of the most frequently asked questions we have received at Fallen Pastor Ministries in the past decade including, “How long does fallen pastor restoration take?” and “Will God ever use me again?” For a full preview of the chapters, click here. For a look at the frequently asked questions section, click here.

The Fallen Pastor Crisis Manual is like having a first aid kit in your bathroom cabinet. You don’t like the idea of having it there, but it’s also comforting knowing that it’s there in case you ever have an emergency. Second, it’s also like having vitamins in your medicine cabinet. Reading it beforehand can keep church leaders from moral failure. There’s an entire chapter dedicated to prevention with advice and interviews with experts.

This resource will be a must have for every pastor, church leader, counselor, and anyone who has been through or affected by a fall. Please share this page with pastors, churches, leaders, and any who have been affected by a fall.

I want to take a moment to thank a few people. I could not have done this without the help of my friend and ministry partner, Ryan Groves.  He has been my friend for a long time and has seen the best and worst of me. Thanks to my sister, Mary Ann, who edited this work and was very patient with me. Thanks to all of the people who have reached out for help over the past decade and trusted me to point the way. I don’t always know the answers, but I know God is good and gracious.

Praise for the Fallen Pastor Crisis Manual:

In Psalm 51 David made God a promise, “I will teach transgressors of your ways, and sinners will be converted.” David was essentially saying, “God I can’t change what has happened, but if you spare my life I will use what has happened to reach broken people just like me.” 

Rarely, in a culture that hides our weaknesses and failures in a dark place does anyone see Psalm 51 lived out, but Ray doesn’t hide – he actually shares with clarity his brokenness for the sake of others. You hear his testimony, and feel compelled to praise God that 1 John 1:9 is true.

Please read this great book and realize that we serve a God who is so great that He uses our weaknesses and failures to accomplish His mission of healing and restoration. Thank you Ray for your openness – it proves that you know the perfect love of God casts out all fear. 

Brian Edwards

Lead Pastor of Hope Church in Danville, Virginia and Author of Visible Jesus

Why should you read this book? This manual of practical insights into navigating the devastation of pastoral moral failure should be like the “First Aid Manual” you keep in your hall closet. You should read it because It helps to answer the question, “What can we do?” You should read it if you want to understand the depth and breadth of an issue that is front and center for the Church today. You should read it if you want to be a part of seeing how God can restore the lives of His children. I am often reminded of this in the story of Peter’s betrayal and eventual restoration. Even while Jesus was telling Peter that the wheels were going to fall off the wagon of his pride, Jesus made a promise to restore him. (Luke 22:21) The reality of the colossal damage of a moral failure is not minimized here. Nor is the infinite ability of God to redeem and restore. Those who have been impacted most deeply and directly are offered hope and help. So are those who want to step into the mess and bring healing to all sides – rather than stand outside in disappointed judgement. It is written with honesty, compassion and understanding while holding up the truths of Scripture.”

Roy Yanke

Executive Director

PIR Ministries

Here’s what others are saying about Fallen Pastor Ministries:

Gospel ministry is not an exemption from struggle, temptation, and moral failure, so why are we shocked when those who preached against immorality fall prey to it themselves? Perhaps a better question is how can we so easily discard those for whom Christ died simply because they were in ministry? I thank God that He has raised up Ray Carroll and Fallen Pastor Ministries to apply the healing salve of the Gospel to those broken by the trauma of sin, often when everyone else has turned away. Ray speaks the truth about sin, whether his or anyone else’s, but he knows that the blood of Christ is greater than any transgression and he shares a compelling message of repentance and hope that glorifies Christ and by helping broken men and women find a way for the joy of their salvation to be restored.

Hershael W. York
Victor & Louise Lester Professor of Preaching


“I would like to recommend Fallen Pastor Ministries to all who may need this important restoring ministry. The fact of the matter is that pastors are not exempt from the attacks of the enemy. As a matter of fact I believe that pastors are at the top of Satan’s “hit” list! However, it is good to know that when pastors do mess up, there is a place called Fallen Pastor Ministries waiting to help them get back on their feet.”
Fred Luter
Pastor of Franklin Avenue Baptist Church, New Orleans, LA.
Former President, Southern Baptist Convention


“From the time I was first introduced to Ray Carroll and Fallen Pastor Ministries it was apparent that we shared the same deep passion to highlight the restoring grace of God. Fallen Pastor Ministries has become a strategic partner with us, in the overall effort to make pastors and churches aware of the risks that are inherent in ministry life – and to throw a lifeline to those who may have made decisions that have been disastrous. I have watched Ray minister without apology – either for the reality of sin or the larger reality of the power of the Gospel to renew and heal. In many ways, Fallen Pastor Ministries has been a gateway for many to find our ministry and the resources we can offer to burned out, wounded and fallen servants of God. Every time I get a call or email from Fallen Pastor Ministries referring a pastor in crisis, I know that it comes after time spent with that pastor, communicating the unfailing love of Christ. It has been a joy to work together – bringing hope where it seems there can never be any again. I count it a privilege to call Ray a friend, brother in Christ and one who shares the call to “strengthen the brethren.”

Roy A. Yanke
Executive Director, PIR Ministries


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