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I just updated my “Getting Help” page and renamed it “Help!” I made it a little more general. I hope that if anyone is reading this blog and needs any kind of help, they won’t delay or hesitate in reaching out. If you’re a pastor on the brink of failure, a fallen minister...

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I’m a former Southern Baptist pastor who fell from grace by committing adultery.

I hope by chronicling my story in a transparent manner, I can help other fallen pastors and hurt churches.

If you are a fallen pastor, or considering adultery, please contact me. If you are a church that has been affected by a fallen pastor, I can help as well. If you are a woman who is with a pastor or has been in a destructive relationship, contact me or my wife through her blog. You can find my contact info on my contact page. I would love to talk to you. I will keep your information private. I’m here to help and understand where you are.

I am a certified athletic trainer by trade and an author as well. I contributed an essay to “The Practice of Love: Real Stories of Living Into the Kingdom of God,” under my pseudonym Arthur Dimmesdale. I am author of, “Fallen Pastor: Finding Restoration in a Broken World.”

I currently work as a sports medicine professional at Muhlenberg County High School in Greenville, Kentucky. I have two beautiful daughters and one amazing step-daughter.

I am married to the most amazing woman, soulmate and best friend, Allison. She is my inspiration for all that I do. She is a constant source of support for me. She also blogs at www.fallenpastorswife.com.

My former wife and I have a solid relationship. I hope and pray that she has a completely filled life with great joy.

Abigail is my teenager, witty, smart and lots of fun and I love her dearly. She is an amazing young woman and piano player.  Katie is a great young woman as well. She has a personality very similar to my late mother’s. She smiles like her, has energy like her, and makes inappropriate jokes like her. I have my hands full with her. She is a jewel. Leslie is my step-daughter. She doesn’t know when to stop talking. But when she does, she is like a beautiful and complex painting. She is an amazing child.