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Confessions of a Fallen Pastor

Tweet What happens when a pastor commits adultery? Is his life over? Does he lose his calling? Does God forsake him? Or is he suddenly free to live the life he always wanted to live? Like anything else in the world, there are two extremes of thinking on the topic and I’ve found both extremes to be full of error…. Read more »

Are Women More Sensitive To Sin?

Tweet I’ve noticed a trend in the past six years of doing this ministry. I often get emails from people who are committing adultery and are feeling guilty about it. The couple committing adultery are typically made up of a pastor and a woman he knows from his staff, a church member, or a family friend. Overwhelmingly, when a member of… Read more »

Could Your Church Handle Ministry Failure?

Tweet It is my strong belief that most churches and leaders are not ready to handle the failure of a church leader. But even before that happens, I believe that it can and should be prevented. This video is an invitation to church leaders, associational missionaries, church members, pastors and anyone who wants to prevent ministry failure in their churches…. Read more »

The Holiday Funk, Pastors & Adultery

Tweet It’s a time of year where I get an increase in traffic on my site. During the holidays, crises come. I think even seasonal depression can set in and have a tremendous impact on pastors and church members. The Christmas season brings change to a lot of people. For many, it’s a time of transition. During this season, tragedy can… Read more »

Being Clear About the Sin of Adultery

Tweet I get new visitors to this site every day. Because of that, people will read one blog post and might take this whole ministry out of context depending on what article they read or what mood they happen to be in when they read it. I’ve gotten email messages from, “So it’s okay to commit adultery?” to “You realize… Read more »

“Can You Tell Me How To Commit Adultery?”

Tweet I love my ministry to fallen pastors. Not a week goes by that I don’t get an email from a man who has fallen and needs help. Whether it’s a man who has fallen from ministry, a church whose pastor who has fallen, the other woman, or a wife whose husband has fallen. I put everything I have into… Read more »

Stetzer’s Dangerous “400 Pastors Will Fall” Prediction

Tweet A few days ago, Dr. Ed Stetzer made a bold prediction regarding the Ashley Madison hack and church leaders on his blog at Christianity Today: “Based on my conversations with leaders from several denominations in the U.S. and Canada, I estimate that at least 400 church leaders (pastors, elders, staff, deacons, etc.) will be resigning Sunday.” Since that time,… Read more »

For Pastors on the Ashley Madison List

Tweet by Ray Carroll, with Roy Yanke from A few days ago I wrote a blog entitled, “My Pastor Was On The Ashley Madison List.” In it, I encouraged churches on how to handle the situation if they discovered their pastor was on the hacked website. Since that time, I’ve received several emails from pastors who are on that… Read more »

My Pastor Was On The Ashley Madison List

Tweet A few days ago, the list of people whose names were exposed as part of the hacking of the Ashley Madison site were released. Those names are now searchable on some websites and to those with a little computer savvy. It is easy to assume that a few heads will roll in the next few days. Probably not too many… Read more »

3 Common Questions About Fallen Pastors

Tweet I love helping (and am always more than happy to help) anyone who contacts me through this ministry, but I am closest to the messed up, confused world of the freshly fallen pastor. And it is a horrible place to be. I tell fallen pastors, “No one really understands fallen ministers like a fellow fallen minister.” One of the… Read more »