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3 Common Questions About Fallen Pastors

I love helping (and am always more than happy to help) anyone who contacts me through this ministry, but I am closest to the messed up, confused world of the freshly fallen pastor. And it is a horrible place to be. I tell fallen pastors, “No one really understands fallen ministers like a fellow fallen minister.” One of the most… Read more »

Why Did Tullian Tchividjian Fall?

In the past five years I’ve been doing this ministry and helping fallen pastors and those hurt by their fall, the most common question I hear is, “Why did they do it?” This past Sunday, Pastor Tullian Tchividjian, grandson of Billy Graham, announced to his church, Coral Ridge Presbyterian, that he had been engaged in an “inappropriate relationship.” News spread… Read more »

The 3 Most Common Responses to Pastoral Adultery

In the past few years, I have seen churches respond in almost identical ways to pastoral adultery. Regardless of ethnic or denomination background, people are just people. When a pastor sins and betrays a congregation, their response typically falls into one of three categories. (This is assuming the pastor doesn’t leave on his own or follow his sin elsewhere.) First,… Read more »

Can Facebook Ruin Your Marriage?

A couple of headlines caught my eye recently regarding Facebook and its role in the destruction of marriage. The first was an article by Samantha Yule in The Mirror: “Facebook now crops up in a third of divorce cases over cheating and old flames.” Yule reports that many married people get in touch with old flames through Facebook. Worse, people tend… Read more »

Pastors and Divorce: The Reality

This isn’t an easy post. Some fallen pastors who have committed adultery end up with the woman they commit adultery with. I was one. How should we approach the issue of fallen pastors and divorce? Let me share with you a couple of things before I start. The statistic is non-negotiable – 2% of marriages that are built on adultery… Read more »

What Are We To Think of “The Other Woman”?

I recently wrote a blog giving advice to “the other woman.” You know, the woman caught in adultery. The woman the pastor has an affair with. The mistress. But what should we think of “the other woman”? I’ve never liked any of those terms. I guess it’s because I was a pastor and married the woman I had an affair… Read more »

Is Forgiveness For The Remarried Wishful Thinking?

There’s a question that keeps bombarding me from time to time. Usually, it’s shrouded in some level of judgmentalism, but sometimes, and surprisingly, it comes with an honest heart that seeks an answer. How can anyone who has committed adultery and left their spouse to marry another ever be forgiven by God?  The fact that they are now married to… Read more »

What To Do When A Pastor Falls, Pt. 1

I wanted to be able to write something to help churches and leaders have a guide for what to do when a pastor falls. The problem is that no two situations are quite alike. And yet, all situations are very similar.  For the next few posts, I want to give some help that comes from my experience and from the… Read more » – Hope For Broken Marriages

Has your spouse cheated on you? Are you cheating on your spouse and want to come clean about it? Maybe you’ve been caught and all you want is for your relationship with your spouse to be restored. Lots of people don’t know where to start. I ran across a group of people recently who have dedicated their lives to helping… Read more »

Can You Believe That Sinner?

I’ve been writing for a long time. My senior year of high school, I got to help write  a play. I can see the following monologue being acted out by one person for a church drama. But I can also see it happening every week in churches as a reaction to those who sin, unfortunately. These are the whispers that… Read more »