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Allison, My Wife, My Inspiration

Tweet I was overwhelmed Wednesday by the reception I received from my blog post called, “Gay Marriage, the Church, and the Christ Response.” All the feedback I got was amazing and it was from both sides of the aisle. The post wasn’t really about gay marriage, but about how we should love as Christ loved. I say that to say… Read more »

Pastors Need Comfort To Avoid Disaster

Tweet (Over the next few posts, I’m going to talk about several reasons why the book “Fallen Pastor” is for anyone concerned about the future of the church. We are in the midst of a crisis and need to understand how to approach it). I conducted an interview recently with Joy Wilson, author of “Uncensored Prayer.” I asked her a question… Read more »

Pastors & Killer Expectations: Where Do They Come From?

Tweet A 2001 Barna study shared the following information: “Church-goers expect their pastor to juggle an average of 16 major tasks. That’s a recipe for failure – nobody can handle the wide range of responsibilities that people expect pastors to master.” That was one of the most interesting statistics I found while doing research for my book, Fallen Pastor: Finding… Read more »

God Still Loves The Fallen Pastor

Tweet You ever have a conversation with God that you just know was real? I have. But only a few times. My friend, Joy Wilson, writes about this type of prayer in her book, “Uncensored Prayer: The Spiritual Practice of Wrestling with God.” Take time to check out her blog as well. I think if you give her a try… Read more »

“Look at me, I’m a gravy boat!”

Tweet I have somewhat of an ego problem. Now, if you know me at all, you’ll find yourself tossing your head back, laughing and saying, “Oh, really? Tell me something I didn’t know, Ray.” This really has something to do with gravy, the world’s greatest food/beverage. I promise. I’ll get there in a minute. In my book, I interviewed a… Read more »