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Is Your Ministry In Danger?

Tweet Right now, there are ministers in danger. They are emotionally vulnerable, their marriages are on the brink of failure, they are probably looking at pornography online – what are they doing? They’re looking to fill an emotional need that is in their life. They are in a place they never imagined they’d be in. They are either in the… Read more »

Gay Marriage, the Church, and the Jesus Response

Tweet I was so thankful yesterday to get a Facebook inbox message from a friend who was concerned about the current argument in America over gay marriage. Like many Christians, she was concerned about the moral failure of the country. She had been watching Facebook and so have I. I too, have seen many comments like, “Why don’t people see… Read more »

A Parable For My 13-Year-Old Daughter

Tweet My oldest daughter, Abigail, has been asking a lot of questions. One of her most persistent questions has been, “So when can I text boys?” I really want to say, “Never, dear.” However, she is very, very persistent about the topic. She’s a sweetie and is obedient, but does know how to push a topic. When we say, “It’s… Read more »