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When “I’m Sorry” Isn’t Enough

Tweet When we mess up and need forgiveness, one of the most frustrating things can be when people withhold that forgiveness. I’ve tried to outline some reasons people do that, but today I want to get into one of the really nasty things that can happen after someone grants a sort of half-hearted forgiveness. You know what I’m talking about. You’ve… Read more »

My Own Stupid Self-Righteousness

Tweet Sometimes I really think I’ve got it all figured out. When I look back on my pastoring days before my fall, I realize that I was very judgmental and had a streak of self-righteousness. To be fair, I did have some times when I was very caring and non-judgmental. But there were times when I wandered into the harshness… Read more »

Where Is Christ When We Fail?

Tweet Everyone knows the story of Judas. He was the great betrayer of Christ. For silver, for mere money, he betrayed the Savior. For him, there was no Disney ending. There was suicide. There was no chance to redeem himself. Even at one point, he realized his error. In Matthew 27, it says: “Then when Judas, his betrayer, saw that Jesus… Read more »

5 Tips For Sinners Looking For a Church

Tweet Whether you’re a Christian who was kicked out of church and is looking to return, an unchurched person looking for a place to worship, someone who is burned out on church and is looking for a “different kind of place, a fallen church leader, or just a new Christian with a rough past who wants a place of fellowship,… Read more »

WBFFA: “Take Me To Church” Song and Changing Lives

Tweet Here we are. Obviously we have two artists who have been working on a song for over a year in production and release a single with the exact same title – “Take Me To Church.” And it’s really weird and coincidental. One is by Hozier and one is by Sinead O’Connor. They are two different songs. Both have two… Read more »

A Haunting Story of Pastor Suicide

Tweet While writing my book, I was interviewing a fallen pastor. He shared this with me: “I heard about a pastor who committed adultery in August then killed himself in December. I wondered, ‘Did anyone reach out to him? Did anyone love him? Did anyone seek to restore him?’ It brought back so many memories of when I wanted to… Read more »

Pastors In Trouble 3: Ministers Are Fragile

Tweet Pastors are in trouble. There seems to be an uptick of pastors leaving the ministry because of adultery, stress, conflict and some are committing suicide. In this series, I’m asking, “Why?” Last time, we looked at the church culture for answers. Now, let’s turn our attention to pastors. Pastors are weak people. They’re fragile. If you could ship one… Read more »

Pastors in Trouble 2b: The Community of Faith

Tweet I’ve been writing about why so many pastors are in trouble. Pastors are leaving the ministry at an alarming rate. Some are committing adultery, some are just quitting, some leave over conflict, and shocking there seems to be a rise in pastor suicide. What’s going on? This post is the second part of the discussion about one of the… Read more »

Pastors in Trouble 2a: The Community of Faith

Tweet In my last post I asked two questions – why are so many pastors in trouble? We have pastors committing suicide, depressed, committing adultery, just quitting, and some are leaving because of conflict. Why? The other question was a personal one. I wanted you to ask yourself whether you were loving people the way Christ intended for you to…. Read more »

How God Uses The Fallen

Tweet Four years ago yesterday, I married my best friend. Not too long before that, I had fallen from the ministry because I had committed adultery. It was a sin that hurt many people, my family and others. It took me a long time to see what the fallout and consequences were. A few months after my fall I started… Read more »