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6 Things Leaders Can Do When a Pastor Falls

Tweet I wanted to be able to write something to help churches and leaders have a guide for when their pastor falls. The problem is that no two situations are quite alike. And yet, all situations are very similar. I want to give some help that comes from my experience and from the things I’ve read in the past four… Read more »

The 3 Most Common Responses to Pastoral Adultery

Tweet In the past few years, I have seen churches respond in almost identical ways to pastoral adultery. Regardless of ethnic or denomination background, people are just people. When a pastor sins and betrays a congregation, their response typically falls into one of three categories. (This is assuming the pastor doesn’t leave on his own or follow his sin elsewhere.)… Read more »

Pastors In Trouble: What Can Be Done?

Tweet We’ve been looking at the current crisis facing the church today – pastors are falling at an alarming rate. Many are feeling tremendous pressure, conflict, and other forces that they are leaving the ministry, committing adultery and some are committing suicide. In summary, what can be done? Associations, denominational leaders, bishops, and state leadership groups need to be intentional… Read more »

The Church and the Kid With the Poopy Pants

Tweet My lovely wife, Allison was listening to some syndicated radio show a while back. The hosts were talking about something that happened at church to one of them: Female host: “I was in church for Easter and a family with a two year old sat next to me. The two year old was very disruptive. He was throwing Legos on… Read more »

Are Pastors Too Hard On Themselves?

Tweet I was on the phone recently with a pastor friend of mine from out West. He had overheard someone in his church criticize something he had said and he had taken it personally. He said something like this – “People don’t understand how much criticism can hurt pastors, especially when we are working so hard all week-long doing ministry… Read more »

What Would Jesus’ Bumper Stickers Say?

Tweet Let’s say Jesus was here today. That he started His earthly ministry in 2015. Let’s assume he had to have a car to travel to places. Maybe a Prius. Heck, maybe he’d have a Hummer. Who knows? Maybe an AMC Gremlin. That might be an important topic of debate. What I’m wondering is what would Jesus’ bumper stickers say…. Read more »

Is My Pastor Up To Something Sinful?

Tweet Turn on the news and what do you see? War. Murder. What does that mean? That you’re probably going to get shot tomorrow and that the end is near. Of course that’s not what that means. But we do internalize a lot of the evening news, don’t we? And we internalize a lot of statistics. We get online and… Read more »

Can You Believe That Sinner?

Tweet I’ve been writing for a long time. My senior year of high school, I got to help write  a play. I can see the following monologue being acted out by one person for a church drama. But I can also see it happening every week in churches as a reaction to those who sin, unfortunately. These are the whispers… Read more »

A Blueprint For Pastoral Reconciliation, Pt. 1

Tweet Two weekends ago, I had the honor of accompanying my friend, Brandon Watkins, back to his home church, Capshaw Church in Huntsville, Alabama. Several years ago, Brandon committed adultery while he served as the music leader there. I was preaching at Buck Run Baptist Church one Sunday and met Brandon’s mother and sister who told me about Brandon. They… Read more »

3 Reasons To Rethink The Pulpit Committee

Tweet I’ve been out of ministry for over five years now and it had helped give me a refreshing insight to some of the things we do as churches. I still have a lot of pastor friends out there in the trenches. We have a lot of topics we discuss that seem to be cultural issues within the church that… Read more »