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Does God Expect Pastors to “Jump The Shark”?

Tweet It’s a term that has been used in television that has crossed over into everyday vernacular: Jump the shark. It came about during the fifth season of Happy Days, one of the most iconic shows ever, when Richie Cunningham and his family visited Los Angeles. Fonzie, the ultra-cool sidekick of the family was there and entered a side-show to… Read more »

Why Are We So Darn Judgmental?

Tweet Really? What’s our deal? Why are we so darn judgmental? Jesus knew we were judgmental people. He even had to make sure it became part of the permanent record: “Judge not, that you not be judged.” (Matthew 7:1, ESV) Now, before you bring up the difference between discernment and judgment, let me give you my hillbilly definition of judgment… Read more »

Are We Really Losing 1,500 Pastors A Month?

Tweet One of the statistics that gets thrown around about fallen pastors reads something like this – “1,500 pastors leave the ministry a month due to ministry failure, burnout, or conflict.” Right after I fell from ministry, I remember the first time I saw that. There was no reference attached to it. It was simply quoted by a pastor of… Read more »

“Our Pastor Committed Adultery 20 Years Ago”

Tweet Over the past five months, I’ve gotten at least four emails that were almost identical, asking the same question. They all came from church leaders and asked this question: “What do we do when we just found out our current pastor committed adultery over 20 years ago? The deacons at that time knew of it, told him not to… Read more »

The Confused Community: The Wounded Church, 3

Tweet How does a pastor’s fall effect a community? How should local pastors react? What is the church supposed to do when the pastor commits adultery? Whether you’re a regular attender, member, or visitor, you might be looking for help or a way to cope. When a pastor falls, a sort of shock wave goes out through the community at… Read more »

The Devastated Spouse: The Wounded Church, pt. 2

Tweet In this series, I’m trying to address all of the people who are effected by the fall of a pastor. Not only that, I’m asking, what can everyone do in the wake of his fall? I get emails each week from many different people; pastors who just fell, wives whose husbands fell, churches whose pastors fell, etc. – and… Read more »

Hershael York, Pt. 2: Pornography, Ministry Failure & Prevention

Tweet This is part two of my interview with Dr. Hershael York concerning fallen pastors, grace, ministry failure, and all kinds of things. If you missed part one, please go there first. If not, here is part two of our conversation. If you are looking for even more Dr. York quotables, he helped me out when I wrote my book…. Read more »

Hershael York Interview, Pt. 1: True Repentance & Brokenness

Tweet Dr. Hershael York is known by many as the preaching professor at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. By some, he’s known as an outspoken critic for moral and Christian issues. To a few hundred, he’s the pastor of Buck Run Baptist Church in Frankfort, Kentucky, in the midst of paying off their debt and moving to a new facility…. Read more »

Strange Fire?: There Is A Larger Elephant In The Room

Tweet Last week, well known pastor, author and evangelical John MacArthur hosted a conference at his church called “Strange Fire.” The three day event was based upon the idea that the “Charismatic movement is leading people astray and dishonors the Holy Spirit.” At stake is whether certain gifts of the Holy Spirit are still in operation. Popular blogger Tim Challies… Read more »

Pastor Ron Carpenter: Can Ministry Failure Be Prevented?

Tweet by Ray Carroll (please see below for contact info) Pastor Ron Carpenter of Redemption World Outreach Center reported to his church on Sunday that his wife had been having multiple affairs for the past ten years. There is much to the story and you can read it in many different places. It is a very large ministry and the… Read more »