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Book Review: “Lessons in Belonging,” by Erin Lane

Tweet Lessons in Belonging from a Church-Going Commitment Phobe by Erin S. Lane IVP Books, 2015 I haven’t had the pleasure of doing a book review in a while (actually haven’t had the time to read or write much), so I was pleased to see this title come along. Part of my ministry is talking to active pastors who ask… Read more »

The Church and the Kid With the Poopy Pants

Tweet My lovely wife, Allison was listening to some syndicated radio show a while back. The hosts were talking about something that happened at church to one of them: Female host: “I was in church for Easter and a family with a two year old sat next to me. The two year old was very disruptive. He was throwing Legos on… Read more »

Are Pastors Too Hard On Themselves?

Tweet I was on the phone recently with a pastor friend of mine from out West. He had overheard someone in his church criticize something he had said and he had taken it personally. He said something like this – “People don’t understand how much criticism can hurt pastors, especially when we are working so hard all week-long doing ministry… Read more »

Is My Pastor Up To Something Sinful?

Tweet Turn on the news and what do you see? War. Murder. What does that mean? That you’re probably going to get shot tomorrow and that the end is near. Of course that’s not what that means. But we do internalize a lot of the evening news, don’t we? And we internalize a lot of statistics. We get online and… Read more »

When a Pastor Falls, pt. 2: Confronting the Pastor

Tweet This series is about how church leadership can effectively handle the fall of their pastor when he has been accused of sexual immorality. It is a horrible situation for any church to find themselves in. It is seemingly a no-win situation for anyone. But it is a situation that more and more churches find themselves in. I am a… Read more »

Why Churches Aren’t Growing: Transparency & The Fallen Church

Tweet So if you are offering your gift at the altar and there remember that your brother has something against you, leave your gift there before the altar and go. First be reconciled to your brother, and then come and offer your gift. (Matthew 5:23-24 ESV) I write a lot about reconciliation and forgiveness. There are several reasons for this…. Read more »

Pastors In Trouble: What Can Be Done?

Tweet We’ve been looking at the current crisis facing the church today – pastors are falling at an alarming rate. Many are feeling tremendous pressure, conflict, and other forces that they are leaving the ministry, committing adultery and some are committing suicide. In summary, what can be done? Associations, denominational leaders, bishops, and state leadership groups need to be intentional… Read more »

Pastors In Trouble 6: Pastors & Suicide

Tweet I started this series to try and focus on some specific topics and disturbing trends among pastors today. This blog exists because pastors have been committing adultery and have been in crisis for a while. But I’ve noticed a trend that is even more disturbing. I don’t have any numbers to back it up, it’s just one I’ve noticed… Read more »

Pastors in Trouble 2b: The Community of Faith

Tweet I’ve been writing about why so many pastors are in trouble. Pastors are leaving the ministry at an alarming rate. Some are committing adultery, some are just quitting, some leave over conflict, and shocking there seems to be a rise in pastor suicide. What’s going on? This post is the second part of the discussion about one of the… Read more »

Pastors in Trouble 2a: The Community of Faith

Tweet In my last post I asked two questions – why are so many pastors in trouble? We have pastors committing suicide, depressed, committing adultery, just quitting, and some are leaving because of conflict. Why? The other question was a personal one. I wanted you to ask yourself whether you were loving people the way Christ intended for you to…. Read more »