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The Twisted Mind of a Fallen Pastor

Tweet When a pastor falls from ministry, it wasn’t a decision he made overnight. The sin of adultery takes root some time before a fall and if not addressed, sinks its teeth in and grapples the heart fully and without letting go. It’s a difficult thing to understand the twisted mind of a fallen pastor. If you’ve ever approached a… Read more »

Why Does Mark Driscoll Get a Second Chance?

Tweet According to reports, Mark Driscoll has started a new church in Phoenix after resigning his job as head pastor of Mars Hill church almost a year ago. Driscoll resigned for several reasons including allegations of plagiarism, alleged bullying of staff and was often criticized for his aggressive pastoring style. Well, he’s back. So why does Mark Driscoll get a… Read more »

You’re Not Alone

Tweet I got a call from a fallen pastor a few months ago. Let’s call him Todd. Like a lot of the men I talk to, he had chosen to walk through the door of temptation after years of turmoil and not getting help. He had gotten caught in his sin. He had lost his church, his family and many… Read more »

Lord, It’s Hard To Be Humble

Tweet I remember after my fall from the pastorate, it was a terrible four or five months there for a while. It was a situation that I created, but it was still awful. My mother had died in an accident the year before, I got caught in adultery, left the church, was living on my own, was getting some pretty… Read more »

How To Forgive a Fallen Pastor

Tweet Chances are if you’re reading this, your church has had a fallen pastor. The chances are even better that he left under tough circumstances. He was fired, left unrepentant, he was asked to quietly leave, or maybe it got real messy. I’ve been blogging here for over five years and I’ve seen it happen many different ways, but it’s… Read more »

Six Years Of Ministry & A Strange Dream

Tweet Yesterday marked six years since my fall in ministry. I wanted to take a moment to reflect on those years and share what I’ve learned and also a really strange dream I had last night. First, I’ve been able to help hundreds of people in the past six years. Whether through my book, this website or through conversations, God… Read more »

How to Confront a Fallen Pastor

Tweet This post is part of a series is about how church leadership can effectively handle the fall of their pastor when he has been accused of sexual immorality. It is a horrible situation for any church to find themselves in. It is seemingly a no-win situation for anyone. But it is a situation that more and more churches find… Read more »

A List Of Fallen Pastors

Tweet The Ashley Madison scandal brought a lot of sins to light in very short order. Some (probably wrongly) speculated that a large number of church leaders would fall in one weekend due to the crisis. However, the speculation that so many would fall set into motion a frenzy of Google searches for “a list of fallen pastors.” Interestingly, people… Read more »

For Pastors on the Ashley Madison List

Tweet by Ray Carroll, with Roy Yanke from A few days ago I wrote a blog entitled, “My Pastor Was On The Ashley Madison List.” In it, I encouraged churches on how to handle the situation if they discovered their pastor was on the hacked website. Since that time, I’ve received several emails from pastors who are on that… Read more »

A Fallen Pastor Showed Up at Our Church

Tweet One of the most common questions I get from fallen pastors is, “I fell from the ministry and I’m having a difficult time finding a place to worship. What should I do?” You may be reading this and you’re not a fallen pastor – but you may be a church member, current pastor or a church leader. This topic… Read more »