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3 Ways to Respond to Anger

Tweet At some point, we are all going to tick someone off. Most of the people I deal with in this ministry have made someone angry as a consequence of their sin. I did. I learned fairly quickly that when people are angry with you because of your sin, it’s often best to just show them grace and let them… Read more »

Can I Forgive Myself?

Tweet Should Christians forgive themselves? I’m not addressing anything new here. If you’re not aware of the disagreement, let me give you a brief synopsis. It centers around the questions, “Can I forgive myself? Is self-forgiveness possible?” On one hand, there are those who say that Christians are fooling themselves when they seek to “forgive themselves.” Self-forgiveness is not biblical…. Read more »

Fallen Pastors and Divorce

Tweet This isn’t an easy post. Some fallen pastors who have committed adultery end up with the woman they commit adultery with. I was one. How should we approach the issue of fallen pastors and divorce? Let me share with you a couple of things before I start. The statistic is non-negotiable – 2% of marriages that are built on… Read more »

How God Uses The Fallen

Tweet Four years ago yesterday, I married my best friend. Not too long before that, I had fallen from the ministry because I had committed adultery. It was a sin that hurt many people, my family and others. It took me a long time to see what the fallout and consequences were. A few months after my fall I started… Read more »

“So You’re The Adulterer!”

Tweet I love talking to people who work in funeral homes. They have some of the most amazing personalities. They deal with people and care for them at the worst point in their lives on a daily basis. Yet, most of them have the best attitude when you get to know them. A couple of years ago, I was riding… Read more »

“List of Fallen Pastors”

Tweet Once in a while, I like to look at my site stats and see what people are searching for. More and more, people have searched for “list of pastors who have committed adultery,” or “names of pastors who have committed adultery.” I blogged about this topic for Provoketive Magazine on March 7, 2012. The article gets its fair share… Read more »

Hershael York Interview, Pt. 1: True Repentance & Brokenness

Tweet Dr. Hershael York is known by many as the preaching professor at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. By some, he’s known as an outspoken critic for moral and Christian issues. To a few hundred, he’s the pastor of Buck Run Baptist Church in Frankfort, Kentucky, in the midst of paying off their debt and moving to a new facility…. Read more »

Strange Fire?: There Is A Larger Elephant In The Room

Tweet Last week, well known pastor, author and evangelical John MacArthur hosted a conference at his church called “Strange Fire.” The three day event was based upon the idea that the “Charismatic movement is leading people astray and dishonors the Holy Spirit.” At stake is whether certain gifts of the Holy Spirit are still in operation. Popular blogger Tim Challies… Read more »

Four Years After Being Caught In Adultery

Tweet Four years ago, I was a pastor caught in adultery. I’ve told the story on my blog and in my book. It was one of the darkest moments of my life and it was one I had created. I let down many, hurt many, and could not erase any of it. However, and thankfully, we are all given second… Read more »

A Pastor’s Story That Has Haunted Me

Tweet While writing my book, I was interviewing a fallen pastor. He shared this with me: “I heard about a pastor who committed adultery in August then killed himself in December. I wondered, ‘Did anyone reach out to him? Did anyone love him? Did anyone seek to restore him?’ It brought back so many memories of when I wanted to… Read more »