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Fire and Ice

Tweet Was reminded of this little beauty the other day. Wanted to share it. It’s become a favorite of mine in recent years. Fire and Ice by Robert Frost Some say the world will end in fire, Some say in ice. From what I’ve tasted of desire I hold with those who favor fire. But if it had to perish… Read more »

The Joel Osteen Hoax: How Much Do We Hate This Guy?

Tweet You’ve probably heard it by now. But you may be wrong in what you heard. Joel Osteen, the pastor of Lakewood Church in Houston, Texas, the man with the smile that never seems to stop, doesn’t believe in God anymore. At least that was the “headline” running across the Internet days ago. There was an accompanying video, screenshots of… Read more »

Gay Marriage, the Church, and the Jesus Response

Tweet I was so thankful yesterday to get a Facebook inbox message from a friend who was concerned about the current argument in America over gay marriage. Like many Christians, she was concerned about the moral failure of the country. She had been watching Facebook and so have I. I too, have seen many comments like, “Why don’t people see… Read more »

Can Seminary Puff Up a Pastor?

Tweet I live in Kentucky, but I am not a native of this state. I am a born and bred Arkansan. I make it known to anyone who will listen. When I bring it up to Kentucky basketball fans, I am often mocked. For good reason. We won our championship back in 1994. Kentucky has won a billion. I even… Read more »

Another Fallen Pastor, More Judging.

Tweet I just read a story about Zachery Tims, pastor of a megachurch in Orlando, Florida. Never heard of him before tonight. Apparently, he was found dead in New York from a drug overdose. The article I link tells of his roller coaster past. He had one of the largest churches in central Florida – over 7,000 members. As a… Read more »

Descent Into Sin, Part One: Tragedy

Tweet I started retelling my story last time with a short prelude into how I ended up in the ministry. Strange how we can summarize our lives into one blog post. I’ve talked to a lot of fallen pastors and have found that before their fall, they experience crisis or tragedy. The same was true for me. However, even if… Read more »

Reconciling With A Fallen Pastor, Part 2: Stages Of The Fall

Tweet In my last post, I talked about prevention. However, most people who find my site are those who want advice after their pastor has fallen morally. Please take the time to read the first post in this series because it will give you some insight into my thinking. I’m not an expert in the academic realm. I do have… Read more »