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“Church Rescue” Might Owe Me A Favor…

Tweet You can’t make this stuff up. I came across a brand new reality television show on the National Geographic channel called “Church Rescue” this weekend. Before I tell you about it, let me direct you to a post I wrote for Provoketive Magazine entitled, “New Reality Show Pitch: Church Rescue.” I wrote it on May 8 of this year…. Read more »

New Reality Show Pitch: Church Rescue

Tweet I’ve got a new idea for a reality show: Church Rescue. I wrote an article for it over at Provoketive Magazine. Click on over and go check it out. It might surprise you. Edit: A couple of years later, I wrote this blog post after the show “Church Rescue” came out. “Church Rescue Might Owe Me A Favor.” I… Read more »

Cassandra Parkin,”Lighter Shades of Grey,” Part One

Tweet I did an interview with Cassandra Parkin, author of “Lighter Shades of Grey: A (very) Critical Reader’s Guide to ‘Fifty Shades of Grey.” The interview is up over at Provoketive Magazine. Whether you read Fifty Shades of Grey or not, this interview is interesting, fun and will give you some insight. Part two should be up very soon. Parkin… Read more »

Fallen Pastors Can Be Restored, Part 2

Tweet Whether you are an active minister, fallen pastor, church member, or church leader, I really encourage you to check out my series on the restoration of fallen pastors. It’s a summary of my own fall and God’s restoring grace. So please head on over to Provoketive Magazine and check it out. __________________ Ray Carroll is the author of “Fallen Pastor:… Read more »

Fallen Pastors Can Be Restored, Part 1

Tweet I’ve put up an article over at Provoketive Magazine: “Fallen Pastors Can Be Restored, Part 1.” It’s a story of my own journey back to restoration. I hope it offers hope to those who have fallen, insight to those who might have anger towards those who have sinned, and maybe understanding for all. This is one of the most… Read more »

An Open Letter to Psy of “Gangnam Style”: ‘American Style

Tweet I’ve got a new post up at about Psy, singer of South Korean hit, “Gangnam Style.” It’s a very, very satirical piece. There’s even a warning. Even with the warning, I already have a comment from someone who doesn’t understand satire. Here’s an excerpt: We obviously have the right to judge you. A man who came to this… Read more »

Charlie Brown vs. Everything Else

Tweet I’ve got a post up over at about good ol’ Charlie Brown. Here’s an excerpt: It’s the story of a boy who nothing goes right for. A boy who just wants simplicity and joy. Who wants a few friends, a dog and normal relationships. More than that, even when Christmas comes, he doesn’t pick out a giant Christmas… Read more »

I Didn’t Want To Write This Post. Gun Control.

Tweet Oh hey, by the way, I wrote a post over at Provoketive Magazine called, “I Didn’t Want to Write This Post. Gun Control.“ I usually keep all my fallen pastor/forgiveness type stuff over here and write other stuff over at Provoketive. I love that place. Anyway, I came to terms with my feelings about gun ownership. It took me… Read more »

The Electoral College

Tweet I just had a post put up over at Provoketive Magazine. It’s just a little article about how the electoral college works. Actually, it points people to my favorite new podcast as they explain how the electoral college works. It’s very informative and I hope you take the time to check it out.