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WBFFA: “The Ceiling Can’t Hold Us.” Then Your House

Time for another Weekend Blog Free For All, and once again I get to turn my attention to the music world. I love good songs with good metaphors. However, I’ve heard another song with terrible simile usage. Macklemore, who gave us the cool song, “Thrift Shop,” has given us the party...

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“Church Rescue” Might Owe Me A Favor…

Posted by Ray Carroll | Posted in Provoketive Magazine, tv | Posted on 18-11-2013


You can’t make this stuff up. I came across a brand new reality television show on the National Geographic channel church-rescuecalled “Church Rescue” this weekend.

Before I tell you about it, let me direct you to a post I wrote for Provoketive Magazine entitled, “New Reality Show Pitch: Church Rescue.” I wrote it on May 8 of this year.

Seriously. (The article had a larger point, germane to this site, but carry on).

In it, I said we should start a show like “Bar Rescue” on Spike TV. In that show, a bar expert goes into different bars, finds the problems, brings in other experts and fixes them. Here’s a quote from my article:

“So let’s get resident good guy Jeff Foxworthy to host “Church Rescue.” He can grab a host of church experts to find churches that are about to close the doors. Put in some security cameras, have some people pose as visitors to the church and see how they are treated, check out their numbers for the past few years. Heck, even bring in a preaching expert or two.“Then, all at once, just have the expert team just walk into a deacons/elders meeting and start jabbering about all the problems. Show them video footage of how things look to people on the outside and tell them that it’s not going to get better unless things change. Sound good?”So I’m watching “Church Rescue,” and it looks almost exactly like “Bar Rescue” except for churches. And I have to give it to them. It was surprisingly good. It was very Christ centered and not overly focused on marketing or using gimmicks to attract people to the churches. At least in the episode I saw. So kudos to the show.

fallen pastorIs it possible that someone had the exact same idea I had and made a show? Absolutely. Sure. Small odds, but sure.

So I’m not upset or angry or whatever. But it does look a little weird.

But I am asking for a favor. My whole site is set up to help fallen pastors and churches effected by pastors who fall. So, if the series runs into a church or fallen pastor who needs serious expert help – think about contacting me.

And if the series creators came up with the same idea at the same time I did – you’re a bunch of stinking geniuses.


Ray Carroll is author of “Fallen Pastor: Finding Restoration in a Broken World.” If you are a fallen pastor, a pastor in trouble, a church whose pastor has fallen, or need someone to talk to your group about preventing ministry failure, please feel free to contact Ray here. All messages will be kept confidential.

New Reality Show Pitch: Church Rescue

Posted by Ray Carroll | Posted in church, Provoketive Magazine | Posted on 08-05-2013


I’ve got a new idea for a reality show: Church Rescue.

I wrote an article for it over at Provoketive Magazine. Click on over and go check it out. It might surprise you.

Cassandra Parkin,”Lighter Shades of Grey,” Part One

Posted by Ray Carroll | Posted in authors, interview, Provoketive Magazine | Posted on 10-04-2013


I did an interview with Cassandra Parkin, author of “Lighter Shades of Grey: A (very) Critical Reader’s Guide to ‘Fifty Shades of Grey.” The interview is up over at Provoketive Magazine. Whether you read Fifty Shades of Grey or not, this interview is interesting, fun and will give you some insight.

Part two should be up very soon.

Parkin is also an award willing writer and her ebooks on the “Grey” trilogy are very affordable over at Amazon.

Thanks for reading!

Fallen Pastors Can Be Restored, Part 1

Posted by Ray Carroll | Posted in adultery, ministry, pastors, Provoketive Magazine | Posted on 23-01-2013


I’ve put up an article over at Provoketive Magazine: “Fallen Pastors Can Be Restored, Part 1.”

It’s a story of my own journey back to restoration. I hope it offers hope to those who have fallen, insight to those who might have anger towards those who have sinned, and maybe understanding for all.

This is one of the most important things I’ve written and I hope you’ll take time to click over and read it. Thanks!

An Open Letter to Psy of “Gangnam Style”: ‘American Style

Posted by Ray Carroll | Posted in Provoketive Magazine | Posted on 18-12-2012


psyI’ve got a new post up at Provoketive.com about Psy, singer of South Korean hit, “Gangnam Style.”

It’s a very, very satirical piece. There’s even a warning. Even with the warning, I already have a comment from someone who doesn’t understand satire.

Here’s an excerpt:

We obviously have the right to judge you. A man who came to this country, learned the language and then went back to his come country and became superstar. We have the taste to fall in love with a song that we don’t understand the words to but we like the beat and enjoy seeing a guy acting like he’s riding a horsey. But darnit, don’t you disrespect our country ten years ago.

Great stuff. So feel free to click on over and check it out.

Charlie Brown vs. Everything Else

Posted by Ray Carroll | Posted in Provoketive Magazine | Posted on 28-11-2012


I’ve got a post up over at Provoketive.com about good ol’ Charlie Brown.

Here’s an excerpt:

It’s the story of a boy who nothing goes right for. A boy who just wants simplicity and joy. Who wants a few friends, a dog and normal relationships. More than that, even when Christmas comes, he doesn’t pick out a giant Christmas tree, he picks out a puny little tree and makes it his own. He’s an underdog.

He’s pure Americana. He represents the underdog of us all. He can’t kick the football because someone keeps pulling it out from us when we try to kick it. He can’t seem to catch the fly ball despite his best efforts. He doesn’t seem to understand the adults in his life because they all seem to say as if through a muffled trombone, “MUUHHH MAHHH MUHHHH MAHHHH MUHHHH MAHHH MUAHHHHH.”

Head on over and check it out if you don’t mind and let me know what you think.


I Didn’t Want To Write This Post. Gun Control.

Posted by Ray Carroll | Posted in Provoketive Magazine | Posted on 28-09-2012


Oh hey, by the way, I wrote a post over at Provoketive Magazine called, “I Didn’t Want to Write This Post. Gun Control.

I usually keep all my fallen pastor/forgiveness type stuff over here and write other stuff over at Provoketive. I love that place.

Anyway, I came to terms with my feelings about gun ownership. It took me a while but I did it. You can read it all, nicely wrapped up in an article over there at Provoketive. I thought it was pretty fair. Please click on over and take a look, I’d appreciate it.

The Taste of Sin

Posted by Ray Carroll | Posted in Provoketive Magazine, sin | Posted on 21-09-2012


I’ve got a new article over at Provoketive Magazine called, “The Taste of Sin.”

It’s about how sin seems so appealing, yet when we taste it, we realize we’ve offended God.

Please take time to click this link and take a look at it.

As always, readers, you rock!

The Electoral College

Posted by Ray Carroll | Posted in Provoketive Magazine | Posted on 03-09-2012


I just had a post put up over at Provoketive Magazine. It’s just a little article about how the electoral college works. Actually, it points people to my favorite new podcast as they explain how the electoral college works.

It’s very informative and I hope you take the time to check it out.


Following Christ After Extreme Failure

Posted by Ray Carroll | Posted in fallenness, Provoketive Magazine | Posted on 02-08-2012


Provoketive Magazine is having a Synchroblog for the month of August. The theme is following Christ.

I threw my two cents in – “Following Christ After Extreme Failure.” Here’s an excerpt:

After the death of Christ, Peter must have felt the lowest of low. We know that he did. In John 21, we find the disciples out fishing. Peter must have still felt the sting of his betrayal and denial. The disciples went out to fish. They were returning to their pre-Jesus careers.

Please hop on over to Provoketive and take a look.