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The Twisted Mind of a Fallen Pastor

Tweet When a pastor falls from ministry, it wasn’t a decision he made overnight. The sin of adultery takes root some time before a fall and if not addressed, sinks its teeth in and grapples the heart fully and without letting go. It’s a difficult thing to understand the twisted mind of a fallen pastor. If you’ve ever approached a… Read more »

My Pastor Was On The Ashley Madison List

Tweet A few days ago, the list of people whose names were exposed as part of the hacking of the Ashley Madison site were released. Those names are now searchable on some websites and to those with a little computer savvy. It is easy to assume that a few heads will roll in the next few days. Probably not too many… Read more »

Is Repentance Possible For The Fallen Pastor?

Tweet When a pastor falls from the ministry, due to adultery, embezzlement, alcoholism, or whatever, the immediate desired response is that he repent on the spot. Repentance, as we know it, is a turning away from his sin and moving back toward God. Is repentance possible for the fallen pastor? If he has left his wife or committed adultery, he… Read more »

How Capshaw Church Forgave a Fallen Pastor

Tweet In the last two blog posts, I have been recalling one of the most memorable moments of this fledgling ministry – a church that came together to reconcile with one of their former pastors who had committed adultery. (part 1, part 2) Brandon Watkins, a former pastor had committed adultery and had reached out to me through my ministry… Read more »

A Blueprint for Pastoral Reconciliation, Pt. 2

Tweet A couple of weekends ago, I saw something transformative. It’s something I hope begins to happen in churches across the country whose pastor has previously fallen to adultery or any other sin. You can catch up on the details by reading my last blog – but understand that what I and the other people present at Capshaw Church in… Read more »

A Blueprint For Pastoral Reconciliation, Pt. 1

Tweet Two weekends ago, I had the honor of accompanying my friend, Brandon Watkins, back to his home church, Capshaw Church in Huntsville, Alabama. Several years ago, Brandon committed adultery while he served as the music leader there. I was preaching at Buck Run Baptist Church one Sunday and met Brandon’s mother and sister who told me about Brandon. They… Read more »

Too Many Fallen Pastors: A Call For Reformation

Tweet Since my own fall from ministry five years ago, I have been ministering to fallen pastors, their churches, their wives, the women they have been involved with, their families, and others. I’m always happy to see people restored back to Christ, yet I am still discouraged by the stories of infidelity in the ministry, pastoral suicide and burnout, and… Read more »

When a Pastor Falls, pt. 2: Confronting the Pastor

Tweet This series is about how church leadership can effectively handle the fall of their pastor when he has been accused of sexual immorality. It is a horrible situation for any church to find themselves in. It is seemingly a no-win situation for anyone. But it is a situation that more and more churches find themselves in. I am a… Read more »

When Pastoral Adultery is Discovered 20 Years Later

Tweet Over the past five months, I’ve gotten at least four emails that were almost identical, asking the same question. They all came from church leaders and asked this question: “What do we do when we just found out our current pastor committed adultery over 20 years ago? The deacons at that time knew of it, told him not to… Read more »

The Rejection of the Fallen Pastor’s Wife

Tweet Over the past five years as I’ve ministered to fallen pastors, their wives, their churches, and the women caught in adultery, there is one profound and disturbing scene that plays over and over again. It is a story that is told in my book by eyewitnesses. It is a story I have heard numerous times over the past few… Read more »