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The 3 Most Common Responses to Pastoral Adultery

In the past few years, I have seen churches respond in almost identical ways to pastoral adultery. Regardless of ethnic or denomination background, people are just people. When a pastor sins and betrays a congregation, their response typically falls into one of three categories. (This is assuming the pastor doesn’t leave on his own or follow his sin elsewhere.) First,… Read more »

Hey Wait, I’m The Samaritan!

I remember the touching story of the “Good” Samaritan growing up in Sunday School. Jesus told it in response to a question asked him – “Who is my neighbor?” Dude gets beat up while traveling home. He’s left for dead by the side of the road. A priest and a Levite both pass him by and ignore the heck out of him…. Read more »

Where Is Christ When We Fail?

Everyone knows the story of Judas. He was the great betrayer of Christ. For silver, for mere money, he betrayed the Savior. For him, there was no Disney ending. There was suicide. There was no chance to redeem himself. Even at one point, he realized his error. In Matthew 27, it says: “Then when Judas, his betrayer, saw that Jesus was… Read more »

A Blueprint For Pastoral Reconciliation, Pt. 1

Two weekends ago, I had the honor of accompanying my friend, Brandon Watkins, back to his home church, Capshaw Church in Huntsville, Alabama. Several years ago, Brandon committed adultery while he served as the music leader there. I was preaching at Buck Run Baptist Church one Sunday and met Brandon’s mother and sister who told me about Brandon. They told… Read more »

Too Many Fallen Pastors: A Call For Reformation

Since my own fall from ministry five years ago, I have been ministering to fallen pastors, their churches, their wives, the women they have been involved with, their families, and others. I’m always happy to see people restored back to Christ, yet I am still discouraged by the stories of infidelity in the ministry, pastoral suicide and burnout, and divorce… Read more »

When a Pastor Falls, 3: What’s the Right Way to Respond?

This series is designed to help church leaders have a broad concept on how to handle the situation when their pastor has been accused of moral failure. Not all situations are the same, but the response should always be one of love, grace and truth. When the pastor falls, there is a difference between a biblical and unethical response. Take… Read more »

5 Tips For Sinners Looking For a Church

Whether you’re a Christian who was kicked out of church and is looking to return, an unchurched person looking for a place to worship, someone who is burned out on church and is looking for a “different kind of place, a fallen church leader, or just a new Christian with a rough past who wants a place of fellowship, I’d… Read more »

When Pastoral Adultery is Discovered 20 Years Later

Over the past five months, I’ve gotten at least four emails that were almost identical, asking the same question. They all came from church leaders and asked this question: “What do we do when we just found out our current pastor committed adultery over 20 years ago? The deacons at that time knew of it, told him not to worry… Read more »

Why Fallen Pastors Are Like Snakes

This blog post title may be a bit misleading since this ministry is dedicated to helping fallen pastors and those hurt by a fall. But fallen pastors are a lot like snakes. Why? Because you either like them or you don’t. A friend of mine who ministers to the fallen wrote this on Facebook the other day: “Keep us in… Read more »

The Rejection of the Fallen Pastor’s Wife

Over the past five years as I’ve ministered to fallen pastors, their wives, their churches, and the women caught in adultery, there is one profound and disturbing scene that plays over and over again. It is a story that is told in my book by eyewitnesses. It is a story I have heard numerous times over the past few years…. Read more »