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Where Does Adultery Begin?

Tweet A pastor crosses many lines into the act of adultery. His mind wanders, he begins to lust in his heart, he crosses an emotional line and finally a physical line. All of these are acts of adultery. In the past five years I’ve talked to 500 men who have fallen and seen the various stages of breakdown. I’ve had… Read more »

How to Fix the Church: TJ from, Part 3

Tweet In part 3 of our interview, we pick up on our conversation with TJ from – make sure you read parts 1 and part 2 (about racism in the church) first. This is the last section of our interview and it hits the heart of his ministry and my ministry. During our conversation he said to me, “How… Read more »

God Still Loves The Fallen Pastor

Tweet You ever have a conversation with God that you just know was real? I have. But only a few times. My friend, Joy Wilson, writes about this type of prayer in her book, “Uncensored Prayer: The Spiritual Practice of Wrestling with God.” Take time to check out her blog as well. I think if you give her a try… Read more »

3 Ways You Can Prevent Pastoral Adultery

Tweet I can’t make you care about ministry failure. I can quote a lot of statistics to you. I can tell you that the ministry is tough on a pastor and that 70 percent of pastors and their spouses deal with depression on a regular basis. I can tell you that 30% of conservative pastors serving right now admit to… Read more »

SBC President Fred Luter, Pt. 2: Help for Fallen Pastors

Tweet Here’s part two of my interview with Pastor Fred Luter, current president of the Southern Baptist Convention. Make sure you check out part one before you pick up here. We covered all kinds of topics. In the second half, we talk about what should happen to pastors who commit adultery, whether churches are properly equipped to handle the fall… Read more »

Fallen Pastors and Family Reactions

Tweet Over the past four years as I’ve ministered to fallen pastors like myself, I’ve had the opportunity to listen to how different families have reacted to their fall from ministry. For the most part, it has been heartbreaking. I detail a lot of it in my book, but since then, I’ve heard much worse stories. When a pastor falls,… Read more »

Men Who Smell Like Pigs: Restoring a Fallen Pastor

Tweet I’ve been ministering to fallen pastors for over three years now through my book and this blog. It’s been a unique joy and blessing. Recently, I’ve been taking the stance that all churches, members and leaders need to be more involved with taking care of a pastor when he falls from the ministry due to sexual immorality. Today, I’m… Read more »

Radio Interview & Welcome!

Tweet I have a radio interview in about 10 minutes (sorry for the late notice) on Tribulation News with Dr. Elizabeth Mattke. Listen to it online by setting your url to this page: Also, for those of you who are listening, thank you for visiting the site. Take time to look around and check out the links above, read… Read more »

New to the Site?

Tweet Welcome to! Thanks for stopping by. If you’re new here and need help for yourself or your church, check out the Help! page. If you would like to contact me directly, try the contact page. If you would like to have me come speak at  your church or gathering, try this page. If you’re looking for my book,… Read more »

My Wife’s New Post: Does Someone Like Me Deserve to Be Happy?

Tweet Check out Allison’s new post on her blog: “Does Someone Like Me Deserve To Be Happy?” Great insight. And I’m proud of the things she’s doing over there. She’s been able to help a lot of people. Click on over if you have a free minute. __________________ Ray Carroll is the author of “Fallen Pastor: Finding Restoration in a Broken… Read more »