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WBFFA: “Take Me To Church” Song and Changing Lives

Here we are. Obviously we have two artists who have been working on a song for over a year in production and release a single with the exact same title – “Take Me To Church.” And it’s really weird and coincidental. One is by Hozier and one is by Sinead O’Connor. They are two different songs. Both have two different… Read more »

WBFFA: “6 Problems With Dierk’s ‘Drunk on a Plane'”

I have not done a Weekend Blog Free For All in a very long time. Apologies. For those of you not familiar with it, I shake off my regular duties of the usual ministry and write about pop culture and whatever silliness comes to mind. Just click this here WBFFA and you’ll see the kind of trouble I get into…. Read more »

WBFFA: What Should Christians Think About Justin Bieber?

It’s the Weekend Blog Free For All which means I take this time to write about anything I want that has nothing to do with fallen pastors or my usual ministry topics. I usually pick something light-hearted. Like Wagon Wheels. For some reason I had the urge to write about Justin Bieber. Yes, the Biebs. And let me start with… Read more »

Is Your Church Equipped to Handle Ministry Failure?

It is my strong belief that most churches and leaders are not ready to handle the failure of a church leader. But even before that happens, I believe that it can and should be prevented. This video is an invitation to church leaders, associational missionaries, church members, pastors and anyone who wants to prevent ministry failure in their churches. It… Read more »

WBFFA: Another Horrible Song – “Boys ‘Round Here”

I first heard Blake Shelton’s song, “Boys ‘Round Here” while I was in a Huck’s gas station. Listen, I love good music. I cherish it. But as I whiled away in the candy aisle waiting for my daughters to finish up in the bathroom, I listened to the lyrics. I knew this was a song I had to add to… Read more »

If You Say This To Your Kids, Please Stop

I grew up watching Bill Cosby and loved his humor. However, one thing he said was repeated by my own father on a consistent basis. It really got under my skin and I never cared much for it: If you can’t see the YouTube video, it’s the Bill Cosby quote where he quotes his own father who told him at… Read more »

WBFFA: John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt – The Earliest Case of Identity Fraud

*See below for a description of the WBFFA! I have woken up the past two nights at 3 in the morning with two songs stuck in my head. One is, “Santa Baby.” I don’t even want to know why that is. The other is the children’s song, “John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt.” Don’t know it or remember it? Here’s a disturbing… Read more »

WBFFA: “The Ceiling Can’t Hold Us.” Then Your House Is Upside Down.

Time for another Weekend Blog Free For All, and once again I get to turn my attention to the music world. I love good songs with good metaphors. However, I’ve heard another song with terrible simile usage. Macklemore, who gave us the cool song, “Thrift Shop,” has given us the party anthem, “Can’t Hold Us.” Listen music writers, all we… Read more »

WBFFA: “Slide That Sugar Shaker Over Here And Get Your Shine On!”

I introduced WBFAA (Weekend Blog Free For All) last week. It’s a chance for me to write about an off-topic and relax a little. My kids wanted me to follow up on my most popular post to date about the ridiculous “Wagon Wheel” song. They told me to listen to a song called “Get Your Shine On.” They told me… Read more »

WBFFA: The Kind Of Man I Want My Daughters To Marry

Way before I started, I used to have a blog. It was called The Cornblog. I know, nice, right? Since I started this blog almost four years ago, I’ve blogged mostly about issues dealing with fallen pastors and how the culture is impacted. Well, I’ve decided to get greedy with my weekends and start freelancing them. It’s going to… Read more »