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Pastors In Trouble 6: Pastors & Suicide

I started this series to try and focus on some specific topics and disturbing trends among pastors today. This blog exists because pastors have been committing adultery and have been in crisis for a while. But I’ve noticed a trend that is even more disturbing. I don’t...

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helpYou may have stumbled upon this page looking for help. That’s great, because that’s why I started blogging. I’m a former fallen pastor who started blogging to clear my head. I started reaching out to try to find others to help me. Now, I hope I can help others.

Maybe you’re about to fall. You might be considering leaving your spouse or the ministry. Maybe you’ve already fallen and just want to talk to someone. Maybe you’re the spouse or loved one of a fallen pastor and need someone to talk to. Maybe you’re a confused church member left in the wake of a pastor who has committed adultery. Or maybe you’re a church leader whose pastor has committed a sin and you’re not sure what to do.

I don’t have all the answers, but I can listen. Check out my contact page.

You’ll also find a lot of answers and help in my book, Fallen Pastor: Finding Reconciliation in a Broken World. There are a lot of posts on this blog that might answer questions you already have (see below).

Whatever you do, don’t delay in reaching out to someone.

Also, if you are a woman who has been effected by a fall or is/was a woman involved with a pastor, check out my wife’s blog, Fallen Pastor’s Wife.


Here are some of my blog links if you are looking for something to read right now. Whether you’re a pastor looking for help or someone trying to make sense of the situation, these are some posts that might lead you in the right direction:

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