God is Ever Present

(Wanted to share a post from a couple of years ago, to remember what is always sure about life:)

skyI’ve had so many troubles lately. So many things that have consumed me. Things that are so close by me. Troubles with finances. With family. Things that I can track on my iPhone or on Google. Things that I can track in my checkbook or on my online portfolio. Things I can look in my Bible and try to find an answer for. Things I can look in my family’s eyes and try to search for.

Tonight I went outside and just sat out on the porch. I’ve been absolutely exhausted. Trying to find answers here. Trying to find my God in my immediate existence. Hoping that He was going to pop out of my iPhone and shout out to me. Hoping that in my daily devotional Bible, he was going to scream out at me.

But as I sat out on my porch, in the country sky, I looked up and I had forgotten a major part of who He really was.

He is eternal. He is forever. He is the God of eternity.

I looked up at those stars that go on forever. They go on for billions of years and yet their light reaches us. They reached Abraham, Moses and Issac and they spoke to them.

And tonight, they said something to me. The stars didn’t say something. The God who made them said something.

“I’m here. I’ve always been here. I am eternal. I am beyond the gadgets you put in your hand that are inches from your face. I am everywhere in the universe and beyond that. I reach beyond your wildest imagination and even farther than that. I’m beyond YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, the pictures you take of your children. I am beyond your past and your present. I am forever.”

I’ve forgotten so much about our loving Father. When I looked up at the stars tonight that are billions of light years away – the stars He put there, I realized that I had forgotten much. I have put so much faith in the instant – in the things that gratify me now. In the things that I need for comfort at this moment. The quick answers to my life.

A Scriptural Reminder

But what I need to return to are the answers of Psalm 19:

[1] The heavens declare the glory of God, and the sky above proclaims his handiwork.

[2] Day to day pours out speech, and night to night reveals knowledge.

[3] There is no speech, nor are there words, whose voice is not heard. (Psalm 19:1-3 ESV)

How I have forgotten that my satisfaction is not found in immediate answers. How I have forgotten that true answers are found in patience, longsuffering and grace.

Looking at the stars tonight I thought about Abraham who must have looked at those stars for decades, wondering about his promise. He had no Google to ask where his descendants came from. He just had the pleasure of the Lord. So why shouldn’t it be the same for me?

Lord, forgive my disobedience and my impatience. Forgive my demanding spirit of you. Forgive me when I ask you to be like Google. You are who you are. You are the Sovereign of the universe. You will do things in your time. And I am your servant. Allow me to be patient in your service.


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