My Grandparents

A few weekends ago, I went to visit my grandparents. They are well up into their 90s. Let me tell you about them.

My grandparents were married in their teens. My grandfather fought in WW2 and fought in the Battle of the Bulge. Yeah, he fought against Hitler. My sweet grandmother a few weekends ago told my three daughters, “you have to love your man and let them feel like they are in charge. But you really know that it’s the woman who is in control.” God love her. She’s right.

They’ve been married over 75 years. Like, can you even imagine? We spent a weekend with them. On our first day there my grandmother was as sharp as a tack. She loved on me and my daughters. My grandfather was in some bad shape. He has some signs of dementia. But he didn’t see grandma that day.

Next day, he had seen her. And he was a different man. He was full of vigor and energy. He was flirting and carrying on with grandma like they were at a 1950’s drive in. He couldn’t get enough of her touch or the sound of her laughter.

We all just sat in awe of these two who have spent an amazing life together. They have had four kids, many grandkids and and numerous great grandkids. But nothing drew my grandfathers eyes away from his bride.

I’m gonna guess that there are few people in America who have been married for over 75 years. And I’ll guess if they have, few show this kind of love. My grandfather can’t function without his wife. And I was in awe. There are few if none other loves like this on our planet.

I got word today that he broke his hip. And tonight he’s without his sweet wife. But I’m sure he’s asking for her. Because he can’t live without her. I pray my love for my wife will always be this strong.

I pray that we all experience love like this forever.

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