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“I Can’t Hear You Through All This Sin!”

I took my step-daughter Leslie out today to a local playground for a little while. I thought I’d do some light reading but it was interrupted by a ten-year old boy with a cell phone in his hands screaming: “MOM! ANSWER YOUR STUPID PHONE! I SAID HEY MOM! PICK UP YOUR PHONE! ARE YOU LISTENING?...

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I am available to speak to your church, men’s group, church staff, retreat or any other gathering. I can speak on how to protect your pastor, how RAY-1to prevent ministry failure, church reconciliation, forgiveness, restoration, the church culture, and any number of topics. What do I charge? Friends, whatever you can afford. The topic of ministry failure is of extreme importance. I am not too concerned about price.

I want to talk to churches about failures that might happen. I want to prevent ministry failure in churches. I want to speak to pastors in conferences about what can happen. I want to speak to small congregations about forgiveness. I want to talk to anyone who will hear my heart. There is an alarming trend of failure in our nation amongst our young leadership – even our middle aged leadership. I want to help.

I spend each week guiding and advising at least two fallen pastors in their j0urneys. I don’t want that to happen anymore. There are men in each congregation who can be helped with simple words from Scripture. God is a great God and we should let His words soften our hearts.

If you ask me to come to your church, I will come to you humbly, ask what you want me to talk about, and then speak the truth. We are in a war for the minds, hearts and thoughts of our pastors, deacons, wives, young people and any in earshot of the pulpit. I have a heart for anyone who is in trouble. I want nothing other than to see Christ exalted. Please contact me even if you have the slightest whim.

Even if I’m not the man to speak to your assembly, I have networked with many other men who may be more qualified and can make a recommendation. Please, don’t let the trouble brew. Reach out.

Please contact me here.

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