The purpose of Fallen Pastor Ministries is to help fallen pastors, their churches, and anyone caught up in the wake of the sin of pastoral adultery. Our ministry team is here to help you through your specific set of circumstances. We understand because we’ve been there.

Ray Carroll is a former pastor who fell from grace by committing adultery. He started Fallen Pastor Ministries because when he fell, there were very few resources available to help people like him. Ray is a graduate of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary and before his fall, had a decade of service as a pastor.

Ray contributed an essay to “The Practice of Love: Real Stories of Living Into the Kingdom of God,” under his pseudonym Arthur Dimmesdale. He is also author of “Fallen Pastor: Finding Restoration in a Broken World,” and “Fallen Pastor Crisis Manual: Help for all Those Affected by a Minister’s Fall.

Ray currently works as a sports medicine professional at Muhlenberg County High School in Greenville, Kentucky. He enjoys running, spending time with his daughters, and watching true crime shows.

If you are in need of help or are interested in having the Fallen Pastor Ministry team speak at your church or event, please feel free to contact us .

What others are saying:

Gospel ministry is not an exemption from struggle, temptation, and moral failure, so why are we shocked when those who preached against immorality fall prey to it themselves? Perhaps a better question is how can we so easily discard those for whom Christ died simply because they were in ministry? I thank God that He has raised up Ray Carroll and Fallen Pastor Ministries to apply the healing salve of the Gospel to those broken by the trauma of sin, often when everyone else has turned away. Ray speaks the truth about sin, whether his or anyone else’s, but he knows that the blood of Christ is greater than any transgression and he shares a compelling message of repentance and hope that glorifies Christ and by helping broken men and women find a way for the joy of their salvation to be restored.

Hershael W. York
Victor & Louise Lester Professor of Preaching
“I would like to recommend Fallen Pastor Ministries to all who may need this important restoring ministry. The fact of the matter is that pastors are not exempt from the attacks of the enemy. As a matter of fact I believe that pastors are at the top of Satan’s “hit” list! However, it is good to know that when pastors do mess up, there is a place called Fallen Pastor Ministries waiting to help them get back on their feet.”
Fred Luter
Pastor of Franklin Avenue Baptist Church, New Orleans, LA.
Former President, Southern Baptist Convention

“From the time I was first introduced to Ray Carroll and Fallen Pastor Ministries it was apparent that we shared the same deep passion to highlight the restoring grace of God. Fallen Pastor Ministries has become a strategic partner with us, in the overall effort to make pastors and churches aware of the risks that are inherent in ministry life – and to throw a lifeline to those who may have made decisions that have been disastrous. I have watched Ray minister without apology – either for the reality of sin or the larger reality of the power of the Gospel to renew and heal. In many ways, Fallen Pastor Ministries has been a gateway for many to find our ministry and the resources we can offer to burned out, wounded and fallen servants of God. Every time I get a call or email from Fallen Pastor Ministries referring a pastor in crisis, I know that it comes after time spent with that pastor, communicating the unfailing love of Christ. It has been a joy to work together – bringing hope where it seems there can never be any again. I count it a privilege to call Ray a friend, brother in Christ and one who shares the call to “strengthen the brethren.”

Roy A. Yanke
Executive Director, PIR Ministries

“David promised God in Psalm 51 that if he could just be forgiven, he would lead sinners to repentance. That could only happen if David brought into the light all that he had previously hidden in the darkness. Who does that? Who shares their darkest moment for the purpose of seeing one person experience restoration and another person avoid the same devastating mistake? I’ll tell you who, Ray Carroll and Fallen Pastor Ministries. He speaks openly and authentically , but never arrogantly. He speaks powerfully, but never judgmentally. He speaks from a place of experience, but not from a place of hopelessness. Ray courageously shares his story and as he does lives are changed. After 30 years in ministry I can honestly say that very few talks and testimonies have impacted my life more than Ray’s heartfelt journey from Psalm 51 to Psalm 138.”

Brian Edwards
Lead Pastor, Blessed Hope Church, Danville, Virginia







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  1. Ray,

    I’m not sure how I stumbled into your site, but I am quite moved by what I found. You were always a remarkable person. While I am not a Christian by most definitions, even my own most days, I am a believer in honesty, forgiveness and reconciliation.

    I didn’t know that you’ve lost both your parents. My heart goes out to you. I loved the email from your dad, and I am so happy for you that you got to see that. .

    I wish you and Allison all the best.

    your friend,


    1. Thanks, Brian. That means a lot to me. Tha ks for stopping by and reading. I’ve learned a lot in the past few years and it’s been humbling. Hope you’re doing well. Look me up on Facebook sometime.


  2. Grace and Peace

    I have some things for you. not from me.

    How can a person fall from Grace when this person were under the Law all along?
    A person breaks the 7th because this person were bound by the Law.

    Clearly the person was not under Grace, but the Law

    For the law always brings punishment on those who try to obey it.
    (The only way to avoid breaking the law is to have no law to break!)
    – Romans 4:15 (NLT)

    When a person falls from Grace, it means the person were under Grace
    A person falls from Grace when the person goes back to the Law

    Jesus said, lustful thoughts is adultery. hatred towards a brother is murder.
    – of which I believe pastors have done.
    – we break the entire Law if we missed one – James said we are guilty of all

    woe to those who condemn others by the Law, for the same manner they are condemn,


    Preaching morality, do’s and don’ts
    – the church is supposedly the place to unveil Jesus
    – not do’s and don’ts but rather “what Jesus has done for you at the cross”

    Preaching against sin does not set us free from sin.
    – it produces condemnation instead.
    – people will find fault in others
    – rather, believers should be reminded they are righteous before God.

    Preaching the Law to Christians in the church does not make one righteous

    “I do not set aside the grace of God; for if righteousness is by law, then Christ has died for nothing.”
    – Galatians 2:21


    But for you, my friend, who are in Christ. You are not condemn.

    “Therefore, there is now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus
    because through Christ Jesus the law of the Spirit of life set me free from the
    law of sin and death.”
    – Romans 8:1-2

    You are righteous before God. don’t care about what man says to you, because they are looking outwardly.

    Look unto Jesus, look unto the cross. Jesus is your righteousness, your perfection.

    Be Jesus conscious, Be righteousness conscious.
    and NOT sin conscious.

    grace and peace

  3. Thank you so much for this article Ray. I have been facing the same depression for the past two weeks. I have also said the same things about myself. But once I begin to help others it seems to go away. I truly thank God I found you online. I am so glad I can now call you a friend and brother in Christ. Blessings John Wilbanks – p.s. there is alot of work to be done with fallen pastors. Why don’t we put a retreat together for hurting pastors.

  4. I appreciate what you have done to “clean” the dirty areas of your life. I too have had things in my life that needed cleaning. I am addicted to opiates. I sought God many, many times to “deliver” me from drug use. I was even “saved” and baptized into the Holy Spirit. I believed all the NA/AA type messages of I am weak and powerless under the desires of my flesh. Honestly pastor, it wasn’t until I started to believe “my” message that I was truly delivered. I am almost completely drug free now, and do you know why? Because “I” started believing in myself.

    “I” took responsibility for my own actions. I know that “I” will deal with the consequences if I fail. You see, I no longer believe that I am weak. I am powerful! I am human, and I will listen to no message ever again that tells me differently. As I said, I had been “saved” and attributed everything to God, and always fell. I believe in myself now. Furthermore, if there is a God, I can’t imagine he’d want me any other way because as the church would say-“He made me”.

    I am now getting everything out of life I never did in the past. I appreciate life in ways I never did before, and I have a love for others in ways I never did before, because I am comfortable with “me” now. When I say I have a love for others, what I mean is that if you want to believe, and that’s what gives you the most out of life, you believe it with everything you are! This is a realization I came to on my own, and I finally love myself instead of kicking myself to death. I cannot imagine living any other way, nor can I imagine a God that created me would want it any other way. Acceptance is what it comes down to for me-not tolerance. When you truly accept others for what they are, you are free. All in my opinion of course.

  5. Message Sent (go back)

    Name: Wisdom gained
    Comment: I would like to look into pursuing legal reform in my state to prevent and hold pastors as accountable as licensed therapists, doctors, nurses, etc when helping vulnerable people. If I as a nurse am feeling unappreciated, my marriage is unfulfilling and I am stressed by my profession…..I get no apology ” free pass ” if in weakness I lure and cross a fiduciary line with an emotionally vulnerable patient or a spouse of a patient in my care. I think God alone isn’t enough to stop pastors. The wreckage they leave is nearly 100 fold the wreckage of another professional in terms of numbers and the type of pain. Does anyone have any suggestions as to where I could start to begin a legal reform? Should I contact a state representative, is there a legal branch that wouid be more specific? Just wondered it you had any ideas.

  6. This is something the Lord has laid on my and my husband’s heart! We want to start a retreat center for those Pastors that have fallen or who are ready to give up. We even have blueprints made and want to call it Shepherds Rest. We want to help those ministers.

    1. I know a couple involved in this sort of ministry. Send me a message on my contact page and I will put you in contact with them.

  7. Hey brother, I’m not a “fallen pastor,” but I am a pastor who is always one sin away. I appreciate what you’re doing on this blog. So many have “fallen” only to walk away from God and become bitter. I’m glad you’re still fighting the fight, but in a different way.

    God’s grace be with you, sir.

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