An Emergency Manual For Your Church

My new book, “Fallen Pastor Crisis Manual: Help for all Those Affected by a Minister’s Fall” comes out Wednesday. It is a prevention manual to help churches to be prepared for the day their leader falls. It’s there to help leaders so they won’t fall. It’s here for those who have fallen. It’s there for those caught up in a fall, whether a spouse, child, church, family member, or the “other woman.”

It is the compilation of almost a decade of my work in this ministry to help you no matter where you are. You may feel like no one else cares. I do. I’ve been there.

You aren’t alone. And there is information in this book just for you.

Don’t feel hopeless. There’s always help. My friend, Roy Yanke, CEO of PIR Ministries wrote my foreword and I want to share it with you. I hope that you will read this book. That you will share it with your pastor and association.

We have to stop the trend of fallen pastors. It has to end with us. We can do it. Here is Roy’s foreword for my book due out Wednesday and available for preorder on Amazon:

“Never has a book like this one been more sorely, and sadly, needed by the Church. Behind the headlines of every report of another pastor falling into moral failure are the stories of real people, real churches and real families that are trying desperately to make sense of what has just happened. The pain is deep; and unimaginable to those who are looking on from the outside. Questions run rampant – “Why did this happen? What should we do, now? How will we ever get past this? Is there any hope?” Moral failure is not new to the Church – either in the pulpit or the pew. What is new is the increasing numbers who make those choices and the speed and breadth of our being informed of them.

“What many fail to understand is that a moral failure among ministry leaders is a symptom of spiritual and emotional issues left unaddressed over time. It is often fostered by a lack of self-awareness and soul-care. The descent into sexual or emotional acting out doesn’t happen overnight; and the weight of ministry life can contribute to its unfolding.

“Another contributor to the problem may be that a person struggling in temptation may feel unable or unwilling to talk openly and honestly.  We need to grow in sensitivity to how common sexual temptation is to us all, including pastors (1 Co 10:13).  This has left many in isolation: pastors, loved ones, and hurting churches.  Many assume no one has ever felt the way they do, or no one has ever acted in these kinds of ways. That is why books like Fallen Pastor and this volume, Fallen Pastor Crisis Manual, are so necessary and important.

“I am grateful that several years ago, God brought Ray Carroll and me together. Our hearts were knit together as we shared our own stories of brokenness and healing; and our common,passionate desire to minister hope to those whose lives have been devastated by choices to act out sexually. Ray has been a “gatekeeper” making himself available to listen to the anger, fear and pain of those on every side. Through his first book, Fallen Pastor, he opened the door for many to come forward with their struggles, their questions and their failures. I know, from our many conversations, the wonderful mix of grace and truth that he has applied to every person that God has brought his way. When it was time, and when it was appropriate, he has been willing to send these deeply wounded people on to ministries like ours – where they can find the resources for restoration – first to God, then to the Body of Christ and eventually (if appropriate) to a vocational role.

“Why should you read this book? This manual of practical insights into navigating the devastation of pastoral moral failure should be like the “First Aid Manual” you keep in your hall closet. You should read it because It helps to answer the question, “What can we do?” You should read it if you want to understand the depth and breadth of an issue that is front and center for the Church today. You should read it if you want to be a part of seeing how God can restore the lives of His children. I am often reminded of this in the story of Peter’s betrayal and eventual restoration. Even while Jesus was telling Peter that the wheels were going to fall off the wagon of his pride, Jesus made a promise to restore him. (Luke 22:21) The reality of the colossal damage of a moral failure is not minimized here. Nor is the infinite ability of God to redeem and restore. Those who have been impacted most deeply and directly are offered hope and help. So are those who want to step into the mess and bring healing to all sides – rather than stand outside in disappointed judgement. It is written with honesty, compassion and understanding while holding up the truths of Scripture.

“When moral failure happens, the temptation has been to eithershake our heads in anger, slide into despair and give up, or try to create rules and accountabilities that ultimately never get to the root of the issue. Instead, the response of God’s people must be a bold commitment to what we say we believe about Jesus and the power of His Gospel to transform and to heal. This volume is acall to humility for all involved. It is a call to trust in God and in a process that mixes time, compassion, truth, and grace. No matter how heart wrenching and life changing the experience of moral failure has impacted you, it is important to hang onto this truth – you are not alone. God can redeem, restore and reconcile.

“The world is watching as we wrestle with the challenges of story after story of a pastor’s fall. How will we respond? Does the Gospel really provide an answer? Will we be forthright and caring, committed to truth and grace, willing to uphold the value of each human being caught up in the maelstrom of a fall? The call to love one another doesn’t stop at the point of our failures and fallings. It isn’t reserved for just the good days.

“I am delighted to call Ray Carroll my friend and a partner in the work of pastoral health, renewal and restoration. He continues to hold up Christ and His love in the middle of the mess.”


Roy A. Yanke

Executive Director

PIR Ministries

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