Book Review: “52 Heartlifters for Difficult Times” by Diana Savage

52Diana Savage’s book, “52 Heart Lifters for Difficult Times” has received some great reviews as a devotional book for all kinds of people. I’d like to take the time to let pastors know why they need to have several copies of this book in their office.

First, Diana is an expert in helping broken hearts heal. She has worked to help many people through her writing, is a well-known speaker, and is an accomplished blogger.

Even better than that, when you read her work, you can feel that she’s been exactly where you are. She has shared the same journey we are all on. In this book, she has taken her own stories and the stories of others and put them in one place to help us find healing at a moment’s notice. She does it with heartwarming stories and the Word of God.

For pastors, this book is extremely helpful. Her meditations are riddled with great stories that can be used as illustrations in sermons, counseling, and devotions. It’s one of those books that pastors can freely hand out to a church member who needs a pick me up. The pastor can know that the book he is giving out contains wise counsel and solid instruction.

Ministers are constantly looking for books to help them in their journey. I would submit that among their heavy tomes of literature on their shelves, Diana’s book would fit perfectly as a practical and Scriptural balance for Christian living and daily help.

I’d add two more things that would be of great advantage for ministers. When this book arrived in the mail, I had to wait two days before my wife finished it so I could even read it. Ministers’ wives are often in need of words of encouragement and a source of refreshment. This book offers just that.

Ministers themselves need something to give them a reminder that God is with them at all times. Diana’s book does just that. Whether it’s a devotion that begins with a humorous story about a dead rat or a story about perseverance through faith in God, this book will be a source of encouragement for the pastor when he needs it.

Take time to get a copy of Diana’s new book and make it part of your collection and see how much it encourages you and your ministry.


Diana Savage has worked for years working in Christian organizations. She has spent time mentoring, speaking and writing and you can see her at work on her website, She has contributed to many works over the years including two Chicken Soup for the Soul titles. You can also find her on Twitter.

Diana cares about people, their hearts and it shines through in her writing and her ministry. Besides being a talented writer, she has become a friend to me. Please do take the time to check out her work as well as her new book.

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