Book Review: The Self-Aware Leader

The Self-Aware Leader, by Terry Linhart

IVP, 2017

Book Review: The Self-Aware LeaderMinisters are constantly serving others and in the process of making sure others are taking care of. That is why the process of self-examination is so important. Linhart’s “The Self-Aware Leader” is a practical journey to that end.

IVP provided me a review copy of this book and I was hooked as soon as I opened it. I deal with many broken ministers who have fallen on hard times. When ministers fall into failure, there are some warning signs along the way. Linhart’s book points out many of those signs. Further, it encourages ministers and leaders to take a close look at themselves and shore up issues that could cause them problems.

Linhart writes, “I’ve also noticed that few Christian organizations or churches help young leaders systematically and intentionally with their personal development.” (p. 10) His book is a balance to the lack of training many young ministers do not receive in areas where failure can occur. It is a wealth of practical tips and observations from a well-lived career in ministry.

Linhart covers temptation, emotion and pressure. He digs deep on the common pressures every minister faces and the warning signs people should look for before burnout or ministry failure occurs. He provides helpful self-checks and exercises for ministry health that are easy to follow and make part of a healthy routine.

His chapter on conflict within the church is worth the price of the book alone. Whether a person is an introvert who hates conflict or has handled many before, his tips and sound biblical advice are worth heeding. It’s not just a solid chapter for ministers, but for any church leader.

This book has modules for discussion and I highly recommend it for ministers of all ages. Linhart’s book should be read, shared and quoted to encourage a healthy church.


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2 thoughts on “Book Review: The Self-Aware Leader”

  1. Ray
    The issue of self awareness (or the lack thereof) is huge. This is what we seek to promote among exited pastors, as well as seminary students. The PRO D Assessment is a tool we use to have those kinds of conversations.
    I will try to get this book.

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