Introducing the newest book by Ray Carroll, founder of Fallen Pastor Ministries, the Fallen Pastor Crisis Manual: Help for All Those Affected by a Minister’s Fall. Available now on e-Book format at, grab your copy today.

When a pastor falls, where can people turn for help? What if fallen leaders, church members, leaders, pastor’s families, and the women they were involved with had an “emergency kit” for quick reference? Now they do. The Fallen Pastor Crisis Manual is a place for anyone to start when the pain of moral failure hits the church. If you’re a fallen pastor or have been affected by the fall of a minister, you will find help in this e-Book.

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Praise for the Fallen Pastor Crisis Manual:

In Psalm 51 David made God a promise, “I will teach transgressors of your ways, and sinners will be converted.” David was essentially saying, “God I can’t change what has happened, but if you spare my life I will use what has happened to reach broken people just like me.” 

Rarely, in a culture that hides our weaknesses and failures in a dark place does anyone see Psalm 51 lived out, but Ray doesn’t hide – he actually shares with clarity his brokenness for the sake of others. You hear his testimony, and feel compelled to praise God that 1 John 1:9 is true.

Please read this great book and realize that we serve a God who is so great that He uses our weaknesses and failures to accomplish His mission of healing and restoration. Thank you Ray for your openness – it proves that you know the perfect love of God casts out all fear. 

Brian Edwards

Lead Pastor of Hope Church in Danville, Virginia and Author of Visible Jesus


Shortly after I fell, I began calling other fallen pastors to try and make sense of what I was going through. I knew I had sinned and I wanted to know if I was ever going to feel whole again. I wanted to know if I was ever going to find peace. A few months later, I found myself asking more questions – “How can a fall be prevented? How can churches help fallen pastors?”

Thanks to Civitas Press, the ability to engage the church culture and ask such questions is a reality.

Fallen Pastor: Finding Restoration in a Broken World, also available in Kindle format, is a book that examines the fall of the pastor by looking at the stories of pastors who have sinned, looking for common threads. It also examines the church culture in which pastors fall, asking critical questions of it. It contains helpful statistics that help break down the reasons pastors fall in the first place. It answers many of the questions I get asked on a daily basis.

I pray our pastors can be forgiven after they fall and that people of faith will pursue them in compassion as Christ pursues us. I also hope that churches and pastors will work together to understand the culture in which we live to prevent further ministry failure.

Order your copy today.