Fallen Pastor Ministries is made up of two men who fell from ministry. Because of God’s grace we now have the unique ability to share our experience so that other leaders might not make the same mistakes. We are available to speak to your church, men’s group, church staff, retreat or any other gathering. We can speak on a wide range of topics including how to protect your pastor, how to prevent ministry failure, church reconciliation, forgiveness, restoration, the church culture, and any number of topics.  The topic of ministry failure is of extreme importance.

We want to prevent ministry failure in churches. We want to speak to pastors in conferences about what can happen. We want to speak to small congregations about forgiveness. We want to talk to anyone who will hear my heart. There is an alarming trend of failure in our nation amongst our young leadership – even our middle aged leadership. Fallen Pastor Ministries is equipped to help.

Our ministry has helped over 600 pastors, churches and others hurt by the fall of pastors for almost a decade. We have the ability to share our own stories as well as the gift of music to bring to your group.


Here is a link to a few of my sermons that can be listened to online.

If you’re interested in having us speak, please reach out to us through our contact page.



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