The Homestead Respite: A Resource For Hurting Ministers

Fallen Pastor Ministries is constantly looking to network with others who offer resources for ministers who are hurting, broken, and in need of restoration. I’m pleased to announce that my friend Dave Everly has established The Homestead Respite – an amazing ministry dedicated to helping a broad range of ministers in peril.

The Homestead Respite is located on the western slope of the Sierra Nevada Mountains in Northern California and sits on three acres of land with chickens, pigs, goats, and a donkey named Stallone. They are a non-denominational non-profit that provides weekend stays with a plan to extend to week-long stays.

I have known Dave for almost seven years and he has a heart for the wounded and broken minister. From speaking with him, I know that this ministry is a God-given calling upon his life to provide a unique healing experience that is desperately needed in this world. In my seven years of doing this ministry, he is one of the coolest, chillest and most excellent people I have ever met. This ministry is a direct reflection of Dave, his personality, his calling and his gifts. Dave says, “The Homestead Respite is focused on more than just a time of rest or retreat. We know firsthand the destruction of getting lost in the work of a thriving ministry. We feel that brokenness is a very true catalyst for spiritual growth.

Who is it for?

The Respite exists to help pastors, ministry professionals, and non-profit leaders experience a life that flows in the mystery, paradox, and invitation of a deeply spiritual existence. In Dave’s words, “We talk about The Respite being a place to reconnect with God, or connect in a way that was never experienced before. This may be a renewal for some, or a complete paradigm shift for others.” For many ministers, this kind of unique experience is exactly what is needed in order to reconnect with their calling, God, their spouse or themselves.

What can you expect?

There are very comfortable accommodations that nurture spiritual revitalization. The Respite also gives a chance something that is rare in many restoration ministries. Dave explains: “We feel that all of us have spent more than our fair share of time studying and learning, and telling God what we want, think or feel.  We have opportunities to get your hands dirty by working physically, but this is by no means a requirement. We have discovered, however, that physical labor offers the generous gift of reconnecting with something in our nature that draws us back to simplicity and awareness.

The Respite is exactly what the name describes – it is a place for rest. It’s not a place where you will be bombarded with noise and useless programmed answers. When Dave was describing it to me, it reminded me of the times Jesus would leave the crowds behind and get alone by himself for quiet, and the chance to move away from the madness of the mob in order to hear the voice of God. Dave shared, “We hope to foster a very organic process which a person or couple can take with them when they leave. We don’t offer answers or tell someone what to see and discover. We focus on the ‘how’. How to listen, how to pursue, how to gaze at that which is already lovingly gazing upon you. We focus on listening as a path to God, more than talking to or studying about God.

When you go to The Respite, you will be cared for, loved and well fed – spiritually and physically. You will be given the rest you need and are desperate for.

How can I find out more?

Visit their website at or go to their “Get in Touch” page. Let me offer you two pieces of advice. If you’re a church member who loves your pastor, please strongly consider sending your pastor or church leader to The Respite for a break. Or, if you’re a leader who needs help, don’t even stop to think about it – just contact Dave and The Respite and talk to them. Currently there is no cost for a stay at The Respite.

Secondly, please support The Homestead Respite with your prayers and by sharing their ministry with others. Please share this post. Share their page on social media. Let’s get them some exposure so those who need help can get it.




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