What are the different types of DDOS attacks ?

To cause disruption, hackers use several types of DDOS attacks. They may also exploit a combination of different cyber attacks simultaneously to cause maximum damage. Find out more about the most common attacks.

Volume-based attacks

Volume-based attacks flood a targeted website with a large volume of data or connections. This will then saturate the server, network equipment or bandwidth of the site until it crashes. On Koddos, you will find several solutions to prevent or solve this problem. This type of attack can be a User Datagram Protocol (UDP) or Internet Control Message Protocol (ICMP) attack. There may also be other attacks that saturate the network with spoofed packets. Fragmentation attacks are a perfect example of this. These attacks often take advantage of weaknesses in a datagram fragmentation process. With this process, IP addresses are broken down into small packets, transferred to a network and reassembled. These various cyber attacks overwhelm the server with fake data packets that seem impossible to assemble.

Protocol attacks

Protocol attacks attack network sources and destroy servers, load balancers or firewalls. These types of attacks are usually composed of the SYN (Synchronise), UDP and TCP protocols that clutter the connection. They use, for example, flaws in the TCP connection sequences (Three Time Connection) with the server and the host. When the server is targeted, it receives a request to start negotiation, but the negotiation never completes. This prevents the port from handling any further requests. To saturate all open ports, the attacker can multiply the requests.

Software attack

In contrast to network-centric attacks, application attacks are more elaborate. They exploit vulnerabilities in the server program or application and can be difficult to detect. This is the case of HTTPS and HTTP saturation attacks. The victim's software is targeted by traps capable of masquerading as legitimate requests. These attacks work slowly until the application is no longer able to function. They are the most formidable.